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‘I just walked in, asked for work’: Meet Saraswati, one of India’s first camera women

From covering political events in a sari to getting hit on the head at a protest, Saraswati’s career has been nothing short of an adventure.

From Andhra to Nagaland, farmers are returning to their roots to fight climate change

Traditional wisdom combined with modern methods of agro-ecology is helping Indian farmers in diverse parts of the country to adapt to a changing climate.

How to buy a cow in Bangalore: One author's adventure

‘We can’t just glance at a cow and walk out,’ Selva says. ‘It is disrespectful to the animal. Even if I am not going to buy it, I have to at least give it the courtesy of a thorough inspection.’

Teachers turn drivers at this K’taka govt school to improve falling student numbers

For driving the 16 km each trip, the teachers do not receive any extra remuneration.

Inclusive screenings: Chennai hosts film festival on love, desire and disability

People with disabilities are rarely considered to have sexual feelings and the film festival sought to address that misconception.

The Syrian 'hell on earth' is a tangle of power plays unlikely to end soon

The US does not want Assad or Iran involved; Turkey does not want the Kurdish People’s Defence Unit (YPG); and Russia does not want any of the jihadist rebel groups.

From Kanyakumari to Kashmir on foot: Indian woman's 3,600-km journey to empower her gender

Starting her journey last year from Tamil Nadu, Srishti has already walked through Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, MP and UP.

How a community radio station is creating waves of change in Karnataka villages

Run primarily by women, the Sarathi Jhalak radio station has brought administrators, experts and villagers on the same platform, giving rural communities a voice.

Bacha Posh: An Afghan social tradition where girls are raised as boys

Parents who have no sons prefer to convert one of their daughters into a Bacha Posh to raise their social standing.

Move it with Tamil cinema's Marley: Meet 'Sodakku' song fame Anthony Daasan

From being a karagattam dancer to becoming a popular playback singer, Anthony Daasan speaks to TNM on his big break and more.