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Memory loss isn’t just an old person’s problem: What young people must do

While it may be true that technology is changing the way we use our memory at times, there is no scientific reason to believe that it reduces the inherent capacity of our brains to learn.

Shades of love: How Mallika fell out of the love she fought for and then found herself

For over two decades I have been a collector of stories of the great Indian middle-class. True stories that can rattle an overtly prudish society. This is one such story.

This Chennai group explores the hidden, not-so-famous Jain temples of Tamil Nadu

Jains were once a thriving community in Tamil Nadu, but now there are less than 30,000 Jains in the entire state.

'The Night of Broken Glass' review: Riveting stories on violence in Kashmir

Feroz Rather’s stunning fiction debut is a collection of 13 stories.

Why inclusion policies in the corporate world must talk about caste

While corporate spaces are opening up to discuss gender and sexuality, caste still remains ignored.

Tracing Alta's imprints in south Indian classical dance

Among the many traditions that constitute a classical dance performance, painting the palms and feet with a red dye, called Alta, is one of them.

Meet Kathir, TN artist who dropped out of school and is now designing textbook covers

These textbooks will be made available from the next academic year.

'The Revenge of the Non-Vegetarian': Upamanyu Chatterjee's novella is apt for our times

The novel is a comment on the intolerance in our society – towards religion, people with diverse dietary preferences and others who're not "like us".

Chennai Metro Rail celebrates World Photography Day with week-long exhibition

The exhibition will showcase the hard work that has gone into constructing the metro and the efforts put in to keep it going.

From 'Mahanati' to 'Yatra': Telugu filmmakers speak on the biopic craze in Tollywood

Directors Nag Ashwin, Mahi Raghav, Praveen Sattaru and producer Vishnu Induri weigh in on what goes into a biopic.