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Reel Desires: Chennai International Queer Film Festival back with sixth edition

In addition to film screenings, the three-day festival also has an exciting line-up of performances by distinguished artists and activists.

Ganesh Thirai Arangam, the last surviving movie tent in Tamil Nadu

PK Ganeshan has been running the talkies and screening movies since 1985.

The rescued Thai boys are considering becoming monks — here's why

In Theravada Buddhist practice, ordaining to be a monk and donating the merit thus gained is one of the greatest honors that a person can give to another.

Who owns the moon? A space lawyer answers

When people hear that I am a lawyer practicing and teaching something called “space law,” the question they ask most frequently is: “So tell me, who owns the moon?”

'Vidukathai’: Band Dodo Crew offers fresh take on love with new Tamil music video

The band split between the UK and Kerala sings Tamil progressive rock and pop

Racket-tailed drongo to Marshall’s Iora, birdwatchers document new species in TN

The Forest Way, a charitable trust in Tiruvannamalai, has identified and documented several new species in the region in a book titled The Birds of Tiruvannamalai.

Native breed earthworms are disappearing and here’s why it’s worrisome

Dr Sultan, the founder of Ecoscience Research Foundation, speaks to TNM on why native breeds of earthworms need to be brought back into the soil.

Once in a blue bloom: Kerala's famed neelakurinji set for rare mass blossom

The famed neelakurinji (Strobilanthes kunthiana) will burst into flower - a phenomenon that occurs once in 12 years.

Harbhajan thambi Saravanan: Meet the man giving Bhajji's tweets a Tamil spin

Harbhajan’s tweets after joining the team have been on point, with plenty of references from Tamil films.

Kodi Kura Chitti Gaare: The dish that broke my love affair with sambar-vadai

Kodi Kura Chitti Gaare is vadai in chicken curry and it's replaced the love of my life, sambar-vadai.