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Meet Bairavaa, the stray dog who trekked 600km with Sabarimala pilgrims

Bairavaa started following Madhan, who was walking to Sabarimala. After his death in an accident, Bairavaa provides comfort to Madhan's friends.

Teen regularly took 100 selfies in 15 mins: When does the fad become a health concern?

NIMHANS is counselling patients who take excessive selfies.

Years after uproar on Khushbu’s views on pre-marital sex, her lawyer revisits the case

The Khushboo case raises questions about our capacity to tolerate views that are not in consonance with those of the mainstream, write Pinky Anand and Gauri Goburdhun.

Women's safety apps: Without understanding gender violence, technology won't help

Studies show that such ‘safety apps’ haven’t really helped too many women in trouble – so should we continue to invest in them?

Pushing boundaries: Casteless Collective shows how genres and people can co-exist

Chennai’s latest music movement is proving that rock and roll, rap, jazz, folk, gaana and classical music can, and should, live together.

Musical vision: Meet Jaisankar, visually impaired Chennai vocalist and teacher

Karaikal R Jaisankar, a Carnatic vocalist and music teacher, was not only integrated in a mainstream school but also completed a postgraduate diploma course in music.

‘Muslims are coming, they will kill us’: How children are taught to hate

An excerpt from ‘Mothering A Muslim’, a book that explores the bullying faced by Muslim students in India.

Unwanted procedures, unanswered questions: What pregnant Indian women face in hospitals

From medical negligence to conducting procedures without their consent, pregnant Indian women are often denied autonomy.

Taking 'man' out of manhole: Kerala startup develops robots to clean sewage

Meet Bandicoot – a four-legged spider shaped robot that cleans manholes without any human having to enter the pits.

These 7 tribal students from a Wayanad school won hearts at State Kerala Kalolsavam

The four girls and three boys, wearing the traditional dress of the Kattunayakans, performed a tribal song along with a few folk songs at the fest.