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Silk Smitha in Van Gogh’s Wheat Field: Chennai artist creates viral mash-ups

Going by the name ‘Kalakki’, artist Charles Britto’s mash-ups of photos of Tamil film stars superimposed over Renaissance and Realism paintings have gone viral.

Changing a mindset: Why the Jamat-e-Islami is teaching Telugu in Hyderabad's old city

The rapid growth and urbanisation of the city over the last two decades has made it necessary for the people of old city to learn the language.

Hyderabad's lukhmi: Once a favourite meat snack, this savoury dish is disappearing

Once a popular starter at weddings, the popularity of this crispy Hyderabadi snack is slowly dwindling due to escalating meat prices and other factors.

From sandalwood trees to herbs, this Chennai man's garden is a mini forest

Jaswant has managed to grow a mini forest with over 350 herbal plants, tall sandalwood trees, flowering plants, fruit trees, bonsai and more.

Karnad’s last play ‘Crossing to Talikota’: Textured take on fall of Vijayanagara empire

Directed by Arjun Sajnani, the play will have its world premiere in Bengaluru on October 2, with shows on 3, 4, 5, 6 and 20 October as well.

The mesmerising experience of seeing the majestic Jog Falls for the first time

A writer looks back on her mother’s story of witnessing the Jog Falls, and witnesses the same with her son.

Meet Sravan, director of award winning Telugu short film '1947 Two Soldiers'

The Telugu short film, which has won 113 awards so far, tells the story of families who cope with the loss of their dear ones in battle.

Why wedding gift registries are gaining popularity among millennials

Though adoption of wedding gift registries has been slow in the country, companies are relying on millennial couples to lead the way.

Sheer poetry in stone: The sculptural extravaganza of Belur’s Chennakeshava Temple

All around the temple, the three-dimensional figures of deities and dancing girls that adorn the outer pillars are chiselled with astounding finesse and realism.

30 vegetable varieties grown organically: Meet the Hyd couple running Govardhan farm

Growing over 30 varieties of vegetables, Pradeep and Raita even have an eco-friendly home built without any steel and concrete.