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Secret gigs and music at home: How Sofar is redefining the 'concert' in Bengaluru

You will not know who is performing until you land up at the venue on the day of the concert; and you can’t buy tickets, you can only apply for them.

‘Hamsa Geethe' to ‘Bharathi’: Meet Krishnamoorthy, the designer behind iconic film sets

This National Award winning production designer has worked on a number of iconic films.

Chennai couple had Harry Potter-themed sangeet, and it is every Potterhead’s dream

From flying keys and candles suspended from the ceiling to Moaning Myrtle in the washrooms - Arun surprised Roshna with a Harry Potter extravaganza.

109 years on, Chennai’s oldest typewriting school continues to flourish

The Shorthand School still has over 100 students enrolled, and the only teacher, Padmanabhan, holds 12 sessions a day.

At 103, this Karnataka man is one of the oldest drivers on the country’s streets today

Michael D’Souza has been fined only once in the last 85 years – three months ago, he was pulled up for not wearing a seatbelt.

American author of 'Chicken Soup' renews wedding vows with husband at temple near Madurai

Marci Shimoff, co-author of the wildly popular Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, has visited India on five previous occasions.

The Rajini-Kamal dynamic: Rivals yet friends in cinema and politics

Having taken two divergent paths in cinema, the two actors are now set to take two different routes in politics – but one thing is clear, history is being rewritten.

Of dating apps and freezing one's eggs: Being a 30-plus single woman in India

Let’s face it—turning 30 in India is made out to be this life- altering, inner-goddess-awakening sort of experience for most women, similar to how it’s the world over.

Poaching pushes anteaters to near extinction as environment ministry shuts its eyes

In just over a month, till February 11 this year, at least five individual cases of poaching of the Indian pangolin have come to light.

How Americans came to embrace meditation, and with it, Hinduism

Since the 1960s, two kinds of Hinduism have made their home in the U.S.