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‘Rowing Between The Rooftops’ captures Kerala’s heroes: The fishermen of the state

Journalist Rejimon Kuttappan narrates some shocking incidents that occurred while fishermen, risking everything, went out to save the lives of others during the 2018 August floods.

‘Tongue in Cheek’: Khyrunnisa’s first book for grownups is full of mirth

A collection of the author’s humour columns that appeared in a newspaper, the book touches upon everything from gastronomical glitches to home affairs.

Meet Pencilashan: Kerala cartoonist behind Amit Shah’s ‘Offer you can’t refuse’ comic

Vishnu Madhav, who posts cartoons under the handle Pencilashan on Instagram, has covered everything from Sabarimala to floods, elections and cinema.

A lament for the Western Ghats: Kerala journo's book studies reasons behind floods

Journalist Viju B travelled through the states across the Western Ghats, to study the bigger picture of what caused the floods and to find a way forward.

Hyderabad’s Marfa music: The Yemeni beats that bring the city's festivities to life

Be it the Ganesh Chaturthi processions or a VIP visiting the city, celebrations in Hyderabad are incomplete without the pulsating music of the Marfa bands.

Playing golf in '80s Madras: Architect Jayashree Bharath recounts her love for the sport

Speaking at a Madras Day celebration, Jayashree, who began playing the sport when she was almost in her 40s, shared anecdotes from her golfing days in the city.

Caught in a time warp: Visiting land’s end at Dhanushkodi

The crumbling walls of a few scattered buildings stand as mute witness to the terrible tragedy in which a storm washed away this hamlet.

Royal cuisine at Sayla: Authentic Odia food in the heart of Gujarat

The heritage property of the erstwhile princely state of Sayla serves delicious royal food that has influences from all over the country, especially from Odisha.

This children’s book chronicles the fantastic work of 31 Indian women in science

Authors of ‘31 Fantastic Adventures in Science: Women Scientists in India’ Nandita Jayaraj and Aashima Dogra say that the book is as much for adults as it is for kids.

From pangolins to pythons, this AP man has rescued over 300 wild animals in a decade

Andra Phaneendra, a veterinary doctor, has also helped the Forest Department to save wild animals from poachers.