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Madurai's Prema Vilas alwa: The story of the city's 65-yr-old sweet shop

Although Thirunelveli Iruttu Kadai alwa precedes it by its world-famous reputation, Madurai’s Prema Vilas has plonked itself on a sweet spot in a city that’s famed for its meat delicacies.

Meet the artist who converts puns in Malayalam and English into comics

Sabari Venu, who posts comics under the Instagram handle Mean Curry, uses word play in Malayalam and English for his work.

From a simple meal to iftar parties: How Hyderabad's Ramzan traditions have changed

With change in lifestyle and increase in income, iftar has evolved too.

Meet Prakash, the ‘Bicycle Mayor’ of T’puram who is doing his bit to promote cycling

Prakash P Gopinath has been involved in promoting cycling in the city, among the young and old and especially among women.

Meet the 20-something Indians who have made their name and business on Instagram

Without the requirement for a physical space or setting up a website, many have used Instagram to build thriving businesses.

Meet Hyd artist Sri Priyatham, Netflix official illustrator for ‘Stranger Things 3’ promo

A freelance illustrator from Hyderabad, Sri Priyatham says he was shortlisted after the streaming giant happened to chance upon his profile on Instagram.

A whiff of ittar: This 50-year-old Hyd perfumery is a pioneer at blending fragrances

Not only does the shop have ittars from around the world, bring any fragrance and the Famous Perfumery Centre can recreate an almost accurate replica.

‘It’s not easy to present mimes with political themes in Kerala’: Artiste Sreekumar

Advocate Sreekumar, the director of Trivandrum Mimers, has kept the troupe – which is also the first in the state -- going for 28 years.

Famed Manipuri artiste Sadananda Singh to perform at Kerala's National Mime Fest

Sadananda Singh tells TNM that there isn't much space for mime artistes today.

Meet Niranjan Goswami, the artiste adding an Indian touch to mime

The founder of the Indian Mime Theatre, Niranjan Goswami is performing for the national mime festival in Kerala.