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Scuba diving in Malaysia, Kambala race in Mangaluru: This photo exhibition has it all

The Great Outdoors 2018 exhibition is being held in Bengaluru as part of the Year of Adventure Tourism.

When art and caste collide: Srividya Natarajan's 'Undoing Dance' is on the life of Devadasis

Written by dancer Srividya Natarajan, the book explores the once-celebrated the devadasis and their art, women who were shunned as ‘prostitutes’ in a newly-independent India.

How coastal farmers in Tamil Nadu are tackling soil salinity with innovative measures

Farmers are countering salinity caused by droughts and groundwater depletion through rainwater harvesting and by reviving traditional organic farming practices.

Juggling for fitness: This Bengaluru group is making exercise fun for adults and kids

People who practise juggling regularly say that it helps them stay fit and also improves their concentration.

How a community programme empowered sex workers to work with the police

Mobile Pragya says, ‘I learnt from the project that to do sex work itself was not a crime. I understood what the law says about how to arrest women.’

How a scientist says he made a gene-edited baby – and what health worries may ensue

What could go wrong in a gene-edited embryo? Plenty.

How Negamam’s traditional cotton weavers are dwindling due to social, economic issues

The handloom weavers of the famous Negamam cotton sarees in Tamil Nadu have to battle changing social norms and economic challenges from cheaper products.

A bunch of old letters and why letter-writing holds relevance

Every letter has a context, but when looked at many years later, they can actually stand for more than the purpose they were originally written to fulfill.

Freddie Mercury’s family faith: The ancient religion of Zoroastrianism

It might come as a surprise to some that Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara. He came from a Parsi family that had roots in India and he was a Zoroastrian by faith.

How K’taka’s Lambani tribal women are keeping the traditional craft of embroidery alive

Part of their exclusive bridal trousseau earlier, the Lambani women's embroidery work is now part of modern day outfits and products.