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From Sukhoi to septic water tank, how a Kovai entrepreneur has touched lives

At 70, Manickam Athappa Koundar, who built an engineering empire from scratch, still has dreams.

From Thumba to the Moon: A coffee table book by 3 scientists traces ISRO history

‘Ever Upwards: ISRO In Images’, is a collection of more than 350 photographs, most of which have never been seen before by the public.

Living in a fat body: Meet the two women behind the candid 'Fat.So?' podcast

So far, Ameya and Pallavi have planned 10 episodes for this season of 'Fat.So?'. The next episode is about the word ‘fat’ itself.

Reviving Payakkam Parachil, a satirical oral storytelling tradition from Malabar

Binoy Nambala, a theatre student at the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, has developed a performance inspired by the tradition as part of his PhD thesis.

How Hyderabad's unique gourmet culture helped the city get a UNESCO tag

From 'luqmi' and Irani chai to Hyderabadi biryani and 'Haleem', the mere range of gastronomical delights in the city is mindboggling.

Meet Veena, Kerala woman behind 25-year-old Samudra International Arts Festival

Veena Janardhanan wants lesser known but deserving artistes to be promoted.

Kerala man who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on crutches says no to prosthetic leg

Neeraj George Baby, known for playing badminton and trekking in crutches, finds prosthetic legs high maintenance.

Once a busy spice trading centre, the ruins of Alamparai Fort still resound with history

Against the backdrop of the sea and the backwaters of the many beaches that run through Mahabalipuram, the ruins of the brick and lime mortar fort are a sight to behold.

This Karnataka women’s group keeps alive the art of making traditional 'goodudeepas’

Bamboo straws, rope, glue, colour, crepe paper, and a little bit of patience — here’s what goes into making the traditional Deepavali lanterns.

Rs 1 lakh for 15 truffles: ITC debuts world’s most expensive chocolate

No, they aren't made of gold.