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Emerging infectious diseases in India: the scourge that could boost urban development

The spread of infectious diseases such as chikungunya is closely linked to urban mobility, yet small Indian cities could play a crucial role in the resilience process.

How an SHG in TN is empowering these trans women in the face of govt apathy

Four years since NALSA, even as the state and the Centre dilly dally on their commitments to the community, a group of trans women in TN decided to empower themselves.

'Oru Sila Pala Nimidam': Writer Geetha Kailasam's first play is on a woman's struggle

Geetha, K Balachander's daughter-in-law, plans to dedicate the play to the famous director.

Crater on Pluto’s largest moon named Revati, after a character from Mahabharata

Revati was a colourful character in the epic, who was said to belong to another yuga.

The Playstation goal – When Ronaldo’s foot meets the ball mid-air

A study of the video-game like quality of the enthralling bicycle-kick goal Christiano Ronaldo scored against Juventus on 3 April.

'Thondimuthalum' changed my view as a producer: Sandip Senan on win at National Awards

'Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum' won three National Awards, including Best Malayalam film.

Apartments with smart meters can save upto 35pc of water: Hyd, B’luru show the way

The WaterOn app launched by SmarterHomes in 2012 has succeeded in reducing water consumption by upto 35% monthly.

A ban on captive animals could speed up extinction

We need a planet-wide shift in thinking about how we value the wildlife resources within the limited intact ecosystems that remain. But many species can’t wait that long.

Why the age of sexual consent continues to be a worldwide challenge

There are wider issues relating to the sexualisation of childhood and the culture that we live in. Can we not just let children be children?

The impossible challenge of reforming Kerala's higher education

"... Kerala can realise its full potential only if fundamental changes are made in the mindset, outlook, work culture and ethics of its people."- TP Sreenivasan.