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'Antigod’s Own Country’ addresses caste questions in Kerala through Maveli

Journalist AV Sakthidharan says in an interview how he keeps coming back to the myth of Maveli when he touches unique features of the Malayali religious culture.

10th edition of Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival all set to begin on Dec 8

The 10-day festival will consist of performances, workshops and exhibitions by artists from across the country.

Meet the Hyderabad man on whose food reviews gastronomes in the city swear by

Mohammad Zubair Ali was also the official guide for famous food blogger Trevor James when he came on his food hunt in Hyderabad.

‘Vanni’: A devastating graphic novel about two Sri Lankan Tamil families torn by war

The 260-page novel by London-based author Dr Benjamin Dix and illustrator Lindsay Pollock is on the Sri Lankan conflict, focused on the 2009 genocide.

Hyderabad’s ‘Badam ki jali’ sweet: Four generations of women and a secret recipe

Across Hyderabad, there are just three to four shops that sell this local sweet, which finds its roots in erstwhile Madras.

Why do teachers make students read old literature?

Old stories may beliefs, values and ways of life that the reader may not recognise.

The story of the IIT Madras research centre that made the standing wheelchair

The standing wheelchair, launched earlier this month, allows users to rise up into a standing position while using it.

This artist chronicles biodiversity in Western Ghats through her art

Meena Subramaniam was recently awarded the TN Khoshoo Award for her pioneering work in the field of science communication.

A royal exploration: Travel back in time with a visit to Karnataka’s Sandur

The remote town located in the heart of Ballari district is home to Shivavilas Palace, which once belonged to the scion of the ruling family and is now a heritage hotel.

Kolam Podu: How an Instagram page is inspiring users to share their love for the art

For designer, photographer and entrepreneur Bhargavii Mani, drawing kolam is a therapeutic process.