Do people who want jallikattu banned not care about our indigenous cattle?

There were 130 or so cattle breeds in India 100 years ago and now there are only 37.

Chhattisgarh police’s arrest of 7 Telangana activists a reminder of its license to destroy lives

The situation is worsening with impunity resulting from complete lack of accountability.

Safety and women in India: Aren’t we a bunch of hypocrites?

Kakistocracy cannot heal itself. It has to be shred at the very roots.

What India can learn from Meryl Streep’s brilliant speech at the Golden Globes

Meryl Streep spoke about xenophobia and the anti-migrant wave in the United States.

Dhoni made players feel they can be world-beaters

There have also been captains who led the side by personal example but never looked like leaders of champions.

Bengaluru molestation: When will the commodification of women end?

Earlier there were no efficient CCTV cameras to record this outrage, so it was easy to sweep it under the carpet.

Why citizen activism must be the 5th pillar of Indian democracy, and how it can save Bengaluru

To scale that ultimate mountain, none of these four-Ps – protests, petitions, process and policy - can be abandoned at any time.

If you know what Donald Trump’s plans are then tell us what you are smoking

Never since the fall of the Berlin Wall has such uncertainty prevailed.

Bengaluru New Year horror: Can we stop asking misogynists like Abu Azmi for their views on gender violence?

Propping up scapegoats like Abu Azmi lets the rest of us avoid our responsibility for continuing gender violence in society.

Why the molestation in Bengaluru shouldn't come as a surprise even if it outrages you

India's party city has only shown up the same ugliness that women wake up to every day, in most parts of the world.

A man who forcibly chops his daughter's hair: Is 'Dangal' feminist or patriarchal?

'Dangal' is primarily a sports movie and I can count on my fingers the number of times I've seen the female body portrayed so beautifully and powerfully.

Savitribai Phule, crusader against caste and patriarchy, deserves a higher pedestal in Indian history

Unfortunately, Dalit women did not figure either in women studies or caste studies in the academic paraphernalia.

Like NTR, Like Mulayam: India's bicycle parties and their uncannily similar family dangals

In the winter of his political career, Mulayam Singh Yadav faces an NTR-ian dilemma - to expel or not to expel.

Why guitar geek Viral Acharya may be what the doctor ordered for RBI's millennial money blues

What the RBI needs now is expertise in the three Cs of millennial money – Cashless transactions, Cybersecurity and Cryptocurrency.

The RBI and Urjit Patel should speak up or lose credibility

In today's world, silence is the worst enemy of any central bank.

No two ways about it, FIR against Zee for Dhulagarh reporting is attack on press freedom

In Dhulagarh, a principle is at stake – that of free and unfettered access to journalists to report.

Whose fallacy is it? Why Bhagwati and co are wrong in blaming critics on demonetisation

Did the government tell us that this was a 'one-time tax', like Bhagwati and co say it is?

Manufacturing consent? Chetan Bhagat gives an object lesson in how not to conduct an opinion poll

Even for a dipstick survey on Twitter, Chetan might want to learn a lesson or two about research methods.

Why demonetisation is a disaster – detailed analysis of RBI data

How much black money will get back into the system?

Why a Delhi-centric approach to address India’s deadly air pollution problem won’t work

Air pollution does not recognize borders, it moves.

Remembering the 1971 India-Pakistan War and the liberation of Bangladesh

The India – Pakistan war of 1971 came to be known as a landmark in the history of warfare.