Savitribai Phule, crusader against caste and patriarchy, deserves a higher pedestal in Indian history

Unfortunately, Dalit women did not figure either in women studies or caste studies in the academic paraphernalia.

Like NTR, Like Mulayam: India's bicycle parties and their uncannily similar family dangals

In the winter of his political career, Mulayam Singh Yadav faces an NTR-ian dilemma - to expel or not to expel.

Why guitar geek Viral Acharya may be what the doctor ordered for RBI's millennial money blues

What the RBI needs now is expertise in the three Cs of millennial money – Cashless transactions, Cybersecurity and Cryptocurrency.

The RBI and Urjit Patel should speak up or lose credibility

In today's world, silence is the worst enemy of any central bank.

No two ways about it, FIR against Zee for Dhulagarh reporting is attack on press freedom

In Dhulagarh, a principle is at stake – that of free and unfettered access to journalists to report.

Whose fallacy is it? Why Bhagwati and co are wrong in blaming critics on demonetisation

Did the government tell us that this was a 'one-time tax', like Bhagwati and co say it is?

Manufacturing consent? Chetan Bhagat gives an object lesson in how not to conduct an opinion poll

Even for a dipstick survey on Twitter, Chetan might want to learn a lesson or two about research methods.

Why demonetisation is a disaster – detailed analysis of RBI data

How much black money will get back into the system?

Why a Delhi-centric approach to address India’s deadly air pollution problem won’t work

Air pollution does not recognize borders, it moves.

Remembering the 1971 India-Pakistan War and the liberation of Bangladesh

The India – Pakistan war of 1971 came to be known as a landmark in the history of warfare.

Supreme Court has given BCCI long rope

Things have come to such a pass that the apex court held board president Anurag Thakur guilty of perjury .

Unicorns seeking protection have deeper issues, need to say ola to flipping strategies

Startups need to focus on their inability to create customer value or compete on it.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan's disdain for mainstream films reveals the midget within the giant

The filmmaker has been defensive about criticism of his own films but generous in doling it out to others.

Demonetisation deed is done - now look ahead

Let's use the opportunity to achieve what we couldn't in normal circumstances -- try and get to a new normal.

Do hospitals help VVIPs maintain secrecy to violate public trust?

Would more openness and transparency have protected the credibility of the institutions involved better?

The hypocrisy of Ola and Flipkart, poster boys of India’s ‘lala’ economy with a digital face

Irony bought itself a coffin on Flipkart and drove to the cemetery in an Ola when Aggarwal-Bansal complained.

The engineering job slowdown has begun, what went wrong and how to fix it

Autonomy, technology based education and industry orientation is the way out

Jayalalithaa’s flawed legacies which TN should discard, but never forget

This is not about Jayalalithaa as a person, but her brand of politics which, as citizens, we must introspect.

Trump and Modi: birds of the same feather, but with different world views

Trump will likely to be only too eager to borrow a leaf or two from Modi.

Dear moral police and fellow devotees, what's your problem with leggings?

Look away or take some inspiration from leggings and stretch your mind.

New Pakistan Army chief: Will there be a change of narrative?

The civil-military balance remained tilted in favour of the latter during the tenure of outgoing Gen Raheel Sharif.