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Resistance to common antibiotic clarithromycin rising among Indian patients

Clarithromycin is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections.

‘Nothing to worry about anymore’: Women open up on life after breast removal surgery

While breast removal surgery is known to have a positive outcome for breast cancer patients, the decision to undergo the surgery is a personal dilemma for most.

Poor diets damaging children’s health worldwide, warns UNICEF

Poverty, urbanisation, climate change and poor eating choices are driving unhealthy diets, according to the UNICEF's latest report.

TN govt hospitals to host ‘Dengue Prevention Day’ every week to combat rise in cases

A total of 3,400 cases have been reported in the state since the start of the year.

Bengaluru doctors successfully remove undeveloped foetus from 2-month-old infant

The infant was born with a rare condition called ‘foetus-in-fetu’ which literally means a foetus within a foetus.

11-month-old boy succumbs to dengue fever in TN, nearly 3000 cases confirmed in state

This is the second death reported in 2 months due to the disease.

World Palliative Care Day: The importance of relieving suffering of patients

Often loving families and ill-informed relatives of patients may inflict more suffering by insisting on aggressive life-prolonging treatment even when it is futile.

Mental Health 101: How to find the right mental health professional for you

Speaking at a panel discussion hosted by Twitter India, mental health experts also spoke about how to help break taboos that constantly plague mental health.

WHO to collaborate with govt to accelerate Ayushman Bharat programme

The Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS) provides a strategic roadmap for WHO to work with the Central government towards achieving its health sector goals.

An Indian couple's fight to save their son from a rare genetic disorder – you can help

Only two other babies have been documented with the mutation which Sanath Kumar’s son has - and neither of them survived.