How to save your skin from the summer temperatures: An easy list of things to do

Thanks to the heat and dust, our skin is more prone to infections and fungal growth.

Mother's depression can adversely affect child's IQ

Children who had severely depressed mothers were found to have an average verbal IQ score of 7.30 compared to a score of 7.78 in children without depressed mothers.

Kerala doctors strike reaches deadlock as govt decides not to engage with agitators

The government also decided not to invoke the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) to deal with the protesting medical professionals.

Govt doctors in Kerala on indefinite strike, accuse govt of going back on its promises

The decision was made by the KGMOA ( Kerala Government Medical Officers Association).

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Alternative sanitary pads are here, but accessibility still an issue

Organic cotton, banana or jute fibre -- and even old clothes -- are now among the alternatives on offer to the sanitary pads sold by the MNCs in India.

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For the past year, multiple cases of anthrax have been reported from Vishakhapatnam district

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Sure, cancer mutates, but it has other ways to resist treatment

Researchers have been able to target certain molecules within a cell at the root of a particular disease and to develop specific therapies to undo their damages.