Can private-public partnerships help meet the needs of India’s public health?

As global pharma companies try to build sustainable ‘social business’ models, government could play the helping hand and regulatory iron fist. But what do we need to make this model work?

New drug to treat Parkinson’s disease to be introduced in India

Apomorphine, which is derived from the water lily plant, has been found to control several neurodegenerative symptoms of Parkinson's and aid in improvement of the condition in many cases.

As ‘Nipah season’ approaches, Kerala govt taking measures to prevent outbreak

A circular was issued by the Addl. Chief Secretary (Health) informing the Director of Health Services and the Director of Medical Education to caution the public about the virus.

‘Champion in Me’ event empowers children living with HIV/AIDS through sports

According to recent reports, India is home to the largest population of children living with HIV/AIDS in all of South Asia.

Ayurveda is becoming even bigger business in India

The industry is anticipated to almost triple in size in the coming years with the market expected to reach US $9.7 billion by the year 2022.

Plain packaging: The next frontier in India’s war on tobacco?

Tobacco companies have disputed that plain packaging discourages smoking.

Indonesian company gets cleanchit in polio vaccine contamination case in Telangana

Indonesia’s Bio Farma supplies raw material to Ghaziabad-based Bio-Med for bulk production of the vaccine.

Six surprising drug interactions you should know about

Study shows that probiotics won’t help kids with ‘stomach flu’

There are no treatments for pediatric acute gastroenteritis other than giving children fluids to prevent dehydration.