Kerala at highest risk for cardiovascular diseases in India, finds a study

Adults from urban areas with higher household wealth and education were found to be at higher risk.

Destroying tumours with gold nanoparticles: The new hope in cancer treatment

The idea is to destroy the tumours with photothermia – in other words, to locally heat up tumours “decorated” with gold nanoparticles by exposing them to light.

Should all women do pelvic floor exercises? Five experts speak

Pelvic floor disorders affect many women, and health professionals often recommend exercising the pelvic floor muscles in order to keep them strong to reduce symptoms and prevent disorder.

India launches accelerated plan to eliminate elephantiasis

The plan was launched by Health Minister JP Nadda at the start of a three-day global meet of 72 endemic countries in New Delhi.

‘Donating blood won’t harm you’: Clearing misconceptions

A large number of people harbour several incorrect beliefs about blood donation.

Nipah Virus: Kerala govt withdraws travel advisory, it's safe to travel

No new cases of infection have been reported in Kerala in the last 21 days, which is more than the longest recorded incubation period of the virus.

In a first, Andhra to use auto-disable syringes for all clinical purposes

Andhra Pradesh would be the first state in the country to take this move, which will be enforced from World Hepatitis Day on July 28.

Maternal mortality rate dips to 130 from 167, Kerala best in India

The rate dipped by 22% in 2014-2016 as compared to 2011-2013.

India's home healthcare market expands rapidly on cost advantages

Home healthcare market In India is witnessing tremendous growth due to the rise in the aging population.

How stigma keeps new moms from getting treated for postpartum depression

Postpartum depression has been documented in up to 15% of Indian women, yet there remains stigma to get help.