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Researchers develop AI-based algorithm to detect cervical cancers more accurately

The algorithm can analyse digital images of a cervix and accurately identify precancerous changes that require medical attention.

India aims to eliminate malaria by 2030 but drug resistant strains pose a challenge

A recent study shows that 362 cases of malaria were not responsive to standard treatment drugs.

TN HIV transfusion case: Why a follow-up is important after donating blood

As per Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society, those found to be HIV positive must be informed in person and referred to a government centre for counseling.

Lack of proper vaccination drive behind 'monkey fever' outbreak in Karnataka

Since 1957, when Kyasanur Forest Disease or Monkey Fever was first discovered in Kyasanur forest of Shivamogga district, it has been recurring every year during the summer months.

Every year, 10% of HIV positive blood donors in TN aren’t informed about their infection

While authorities say that the case of a pregnant woman being infected due to a blood transfusion was an aberration, this may not be the case.

After six contract ‘monkey fever’, fear of outbreak looms in parts of Shivamogga

Officials are conducting screening in the vicinity and keeping a lookout for more people who may be suffering from the disease.

AI in activity trackers, smartwatches threatening privacy of health data: Study

The study was led by University of California - Berkeley engineer Anil Aswani.

Why ‘leaking’ of identities of HIV positive patients sets TN back by decades

TV channels unwittingly revealed the identity of a HIV positive donor recently, that allegedly led him to suicide. In another instance, a doctor revealed the name and other details of a woman who alleged she was transfused with HIV-infected blood.

TN HIV blood transfusion case: How high is the risk of infection for the unborn child?

Doctors say that while there is a chance that the child is born without being infected, doctors will have to take extreme care and precautions.

Pregnant woman transfused with HIV positive blood in TN, lab technicians terminated

The shocking lapse in screening process was found only by chance, and has led the hospital in Sivakasi to stop all blood transfusions.