Body and Mind

Medicating for mental health doesn’t make you weak: Confessions of a depressed doctor

Many of us have grown up believing that because mental health issues are in your head, we can fix things by not thinking about them.

Salmonella bacteria found in MDH sambar masala sold in US

The recalled MDH sambar masala was distributed in northern California retail stores.

Dear women, vaginal yeast infections are very common, here’s what you should know

Almost 75% of women will experience a vaginal infection in their life, most likely it will be a yeast infection.

Global healthcare sector major contributor to climate crisis, says new report

The report notes that if the global healthcare sector were a country, it would be the 5th largest greenhouse gas emitter on the planet.

No one size fits all: What works for people dealing with suicidal thoughts

From taking it one day at a time to having some trusted persons on call – different things work for different people.

Cap age limit at 45 for IVF, doctors demand after 74-yr-old AP woman delivers twins

Last week a 74-year-old woman from Andhra Pradesh delivered twins after undergoing one cycle of IVF treatment.

For cases of dengue fever, these commonly used medicines are best avoided

Some generally used painkillers may aggravate the bleeding tendencies of dengue and so must be used with caution.

63 per cent of Indian executives are overweight: Healthifyme report

The report has been compiled by reviewing the diet and activity levels of close to 60,000 working professionals across 20 plus companies over a period of 12 months.

Fever during pregnancy: Why doctors emphasise the importance of dengue screening

Not addressing the fever in case of dengue could severely impact the growth of the growth of the baby, and in some cases, be fatal for the baby.

25 medical students in Kalaburagi contract diphtheria, infection source not known yet

While 5 students are stable and are being treated on an outpatient basis, 20 others are in the hospital and are undergoing treatment.