Body and Mind

Can a healthy lifestyle reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease? Yes, say new studies

A study found that whatever the genetic risk of an individual, a good diet, adequate exercise, restricting alcohol and not smoking made dementia less likely.

Clinical trials in Hyd offer hope for restoring eye sight in chemical burn victims

The trial involving 30 patients will be carried out at the L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, funded by Ulverscroft Foundation, a UK-based charity.

From toothpicks to meswak: How people cleaned their teeth before modern dental methods

People in the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent traditionally cleaned their teeth with chew sticks made from the Salvadora persica tree, or meswak.

To find monkey fever’s next stop, Karnataka scientists follow the ticks that carry it

Researchers from the Manipal Centre for Virus Research studied the distribution of ticks across the Western Ghats, to see if this was an effective way of creating risk maps for the disease.

Can Health Min's plan to introduce AI in public healthcare be a game-changer?

While India is still toying with the idea of AI, can the introduction of such a system truly be able to provide quality healthcare in areas where there are limited resources?

Consumption of sugary beverages may increase risk of cancer, study says

Researchers in France, who studied over 1 lakh people, found that intake of even just 100 milliliters of a soft drink or fruit juice a day was associated with an increased risk of cancer.

30 students from Hyderabad school admitted to hospital with food poisoning 

The students all fell ill after eating the food served at the residential school’s mess on Sunday afternoon.

Bengaluru sees spike in dengue, health officials blame civic body for waste accumulation

The number of cases reported since the start of the year in the entire state has been estimated to be over 3000, more than half of which have been reported from Bengaluru alone.

Will 5G roll out put your health at risk? Experts weigh in

The strength of radiofrequency (RF) signals fields is highest at its source and as deployment of 5G would lead to more mobile antennas, there are fears of more radiation leading to poor health.

Period pain is impacting women at school, uni and work. Let's be open about it

A recent study showed that a significant number of women were missing out on work or school due to menstrual pain.