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Doctors in TN cannot advertise their services online: TN Medical Council

This has led to speculation that online consultation platforms may soon be banned.

US scientists are developing unisex birth control from deworming pill

Lupeol, a compound used in deworming medication, can bind proteins in the sperm cell preventing it from fertilising the egg.

Tree branch goes through Karnataka man’s neck after car crash, he makes full recovery

"I never thought I'd speak again," said Nanjesh, recounting the horrific incident.

383 dengue cases recorded in Bengaluru in 5 months: Here’s what you can do to keep safe

East Bengaluru, Mahadevpura, South Bengaluru and Bommanahalli are the four most affected areas.

Once paralysed from the waist down, TN girl walks after successful spine treatment

The girl was admitted to Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital in Chennai and underwent a complex procedure which was undertaken for the first time in a GH in the state.

Rise in keratoconus, a progressive eye condition, is putting many at risk of blindness

Keratoconus is disease of the eye in which the cornea slowly begins to bulge into a cone-like shape, losing its original thin, round shape.

Govt wants to fix public healthcare staff shortages with AYUSH docs: Will it work?

Though a large number of PHCs in the country are understaffed, the Indian Medical Association has openly opposed the move to bring AYUSH doctors into the system.

India will need 7,300 cancer doctors by 2040 as chemotherapy need and cancer cases rise

The burden will be most pronounced in low- or middle-income countries, including India, home to the third largest number of people living with cancer in the world.

How online fundraising is helping India fight Thalassemia

With the number of people online with the ability and willingness to help, platforms like Milaap offer a ray of hope for patients.

How the lack of measles vaccination in India is putting immunity of kids at risk

Almost 3 million infants in India under the age of one missed the first dose of measles vaccine, as per a UNICEF report.