Remote village to metropolis: how globalisation spreads infectious diseases

The increasing globalisation of our world can give infectious diseases a good opportunity to spread.

Why we perceive ourselves as richer than we think we are

The people have a cognitive bias that often leads them to underestimate the true cost of debt, thus borrowing more than what they can afford.

Chimpanzees eat plants that point to new ways of treating diseases

The World Health Organisation estimates that between 75% and 80% of the world’s population uses at least some plant based medicines.

Schizophrenia affects your body, not just your brain – new study

People with the disorder die 15 to 20 years earlier than the average person.

The one institution which emerged unscathed from Karnataka mess: Supreme Court

At a time when the SC’s credibility is under question (with good reason), it is a relief to see that it is still capable of functioning as intended in the most trying of circumstances.

Modi's burden has become heavier after Karnataka setback

What is worrying for the BJP is that the setback in Karnataka has shown that, for once, the extra effort put in by Narendra Modi by raising the number of his rallies in the state did not pay dividends.

The night of the long drive: Why Cong-JD(S) ‘resorted’ to Hyderabad

Given the perceived closeness of the AIADMK govt to the BJP, Congress and JD(S) were reluctant to drive through a large part of TN to get into either Kerala or Puducherry.

From privacy to the Collegium, the lasting legacy of Justice J Chelameswar

Known for being outspoken and for sticking to his principles, Justice Jasti Chelameswar pushed the envelope and changed the contours of the Indian judiciary.

Countries must compete for migrant workers to boost their economies

The country with the most open immigration policy will be best positioned to succeed in the global economy.

Karnataka verdict makes Congress' task harder for 2019 elections

Rahul Gandhi has largely been unable to come up with an answer to Modi's oratorial and Amit Shah's managerial skills.