‘Idhu thaan Rajini style’: Superstar’s mass hero appeal vs Kamal’s urban pull

Many of their fans interestingly note that a Rajini vs Kamal fight will work to the advantage of the Dravidian players.

Why Rajinikanth is dangerous for Tamil politics: VCK’s Ravikumar writes

The politics of hero worship will further depoliticize the state.

‘Yes, I am intolerant, about misogyny in cinema’: Actor Parvathy writes

'Once the attacks against women begin, they reach criminal proportions with rape and murder threats.'

A love letter to Telugu Cinema in 2017: Thank you for reminding me why I love movies

Being a film journalist is one of the scariest jobs. Every time you watch a film, it fills you with so many emotions that you change as a person.

Why Trump's plan to forbid spouses of H-1B visa holders to work is a bad idea

Besides likely having a negative impact on industries that use H-1B visas, such as information technology, software development and finance, my own research shows that it will also, intentionally or not, disproportionately harm women.

Triple Talaq Bill passed in Lok Sabha: Here’s why some people are opposing it

Detractors say there are 3 major problems with the Bill in its current form. For one, it criminalises divorce – which should only fall under the civil realm.

‘If Sasikala is on ‘mouna veradham’, how did she inform TTV?!’

Is she praying for the fall of the EPS-OPS government? Or is she simply speechless at how the RK Nagar bye-poll went?

Pakistan, Kulbhushan Jadhav and the public undressing of India

Whatever New Delhi is planning is not working. Over the next few weeks and year, its strategic and intellectual maturity on Pakistan is on test.

The undoing of MGR: How the AIADMK is slowly wiping out his legacy

The myth that has preserved MGR as an unassailable vote-bank for the AIADMK is being deconstructed – ironically by the leaders from the party founded by him.

Why some men don’t like Parvathy: Bobby-Sanjay’s powerful letter on ‘Kasaba’ row

“Here we were, peacefully going about our business and now you have forced us to rethink what we write.”