Why Siddaramaiah’s please-all budget may please no one

One voter group which this budget has failed to enthuse is the urban voter, among whom Congress is already struggling, a BJP supporter writes.

By vowing to solve Mahadayi row if voted to power, is BJP holding farmers to ransom?

How the farmers of the region will take Amit Shah’s stand at the hustings in May vis-à-vis the Mahadayi dispute, only time will tell.

Madhu’s death has shaken Kerala, it’s also a warning not to take the stairway to hell

Kerala prides itself in social development indices, but Madhu’s death has reduced everything to empty stats.

Sridevi charmed a whole generation, but no one can claim to have really known her

Sridevi always kept her cards very close to her chest, and maybe we can know the real her only through the varied roles she played.

This isn’t the north: Why BJP needs to find meatier issues than meat in Karnataka

The chink in the armour of BJP’s Karnataka unit is showing, and the party is stuck talking about eating meat before visiting temples.

‘Wasn’t this city made for you and me?’ Sex workers and their shrinking spaces

With Bengaluru undergoing dramatic changes in the last few decades, street-based sex workers are fighting a new battle – to claim their right to the city.

As Nirav Modi cocks a snook, where is New Delhi's artillery?

The battle lines are drawn by the fraudsters even as the might of the Indian government issues notices.

Tidal Error: Why Tamil Nadu's illegal coastal plan is a recipe for disaster

In their hurry to comply, the Tamil Nadu govt is trying to push through a half-baked, incomplete and dangerous document as a "plan."

Bofors: The Swedes and the Swiss are willing to assist, but will India drop the ball?

The Central Bureau of Investigation asked the Supreme Court to reopen the case that was artificially closed in 2011.