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When partisan politics appropriates a tribal woman’s hard work and determination

Attappady tribals deserve better than mere sloganeering focusing on the manipulated magnanimity of the Chief Minister and the opposition leader.

Facebook's 'transparency' efforts hide key reasons for showing ads

It’s not obvious what information people most need to know about how they are targeted with ads. Facebook doesn’t claim to give complete explanations to users about why they’re seeing a particular ad.

Why wooing Christians in Kerala will be unavoidable for the BJP

The only option before the BJP to beat its stagnation in the state is to polarise the remaining voters: the minority block, that’s about 45% of Kerala’s population.

Narendra Modi’s performance on the Indian economy — 5 key policies assessed

The Modi government made little headway in providing the jobs that India’s aspirational youth so desperately seek.

Spoilers: Making people angry since Victorian times

Twitter and Facebook have become no-go areas for those yet to watch the lastest GoT or Avengers instalment, while various guides are offering help on how to live “spoiler-free” online.

Opinion: Indian farmers need more than just empty schemes and promises

Amidst the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, are political parties working for the benefit of their biggest vote bank?

Why joining Shiv Sena is a deliberate political gambit by Priyanka Chaturvedi

An independent woman exercising political agency, autonomous from external constraints is such a rarity in India, it attracts scrutiny – where Shatrughan Sinha caused not a blink.

Extremism caused Sri Lanka blasts, a fractured government failed to stop it

Everything that has happened so far points not to ‘intelligence failure’ in Sri Lanka – but a failure of the nation’s political class.

KCR on a mission to weed out corruption in his second stint as CM, will he succeed?

When political corruption is unchecked, and the state’s many anti-graft bodies are toothless, will government employees be inspired to stay clean?

Saying ‘college was so much fun’ is a privilege: A half-Dalit, half-tribal woman writes

It took me 10 years after my B Tech to embrace my identity. It took me my MA to be able to say, I am Pallavi Banothu, Lambadi, an ST. It took me 3 years after that to articulate the trauma.