‘Hinduism’ not a monolith: Lingayat push will redefine south Indian politics

With Lingayats being recognised as its own religion, it forces us to think of how the idea of ‘Hinduism’ came into being and how politicians use this as a weapon.

India and Pakistan's rivalry isn't territorial or ideological – it's psychological

India-Pak rivalry, from the outside, resembles nothing so much as a family feud – and psychologically speaking, it’s a very apt analogy.

Canada’s troubling indifference to the Air India bombing of 1985

All 329 people on board Air India Flight 182 on June 23, 1985, were killed, in an act of terror planned by extremists.

Can an athlete be a role model 24x7?

The question when do private lives get public surfaced as the domestic problem of Mohammed Shami and his wife became a matter for the Indian cricket board to sit in judgment.

H Raja is the best BJP can offer to TN, and that’s why the party will continue to fail

One can only say the BJP doesn’t seem to have too many options at its disposal in Tamil Nadu.

As more vice chancellors get mired in controversy, higher education suffers

The devastating truth is that higher education is at stake with charges of corruption and maladministration against vice chancellors who must be our torchbearers.

Jayendra Saraswathi: A controversial seer who took the Kanchi Mutt to the masses

He sought to unite the Hindu community divided on caste lines, but not without controversies.

Why Siddaramaiah’s please-all budget may please no one

One voter group which this budget has failed to enthuse is the urban voter, among whom Congress is already struggling, a BJP supporter writes.

By vowing to solve Mahadayi row if voted to power, is BJP holding farmers to ransom?

How the farmers of the region will take Amit Shah’s stand at the hustings in May vis-à-vis the Mahadayi dispute, only time will tell.

Madhu’s death has shaken Kerala, it’s also a warning not to take the stairway to hell

Kerala prides itself in social development indices, but Madhu’s death has reduced everything to empty stats.