OMG, you're straight? Here's what we've always wanted to ask

We’re not being intrusive, ladies and gentlemen. We’re only trying to understand ya!

Aziz Ansari case: Can men be excused for not reading non-verbal cues in bed?

Comedian Aziz Ansari, who has been vocal about gender bias and sexual harassment, has been accused of forcing a woman into performing sexual acts she didn't want to participate in.

Is Chief Justice of India above the law? A senior lawyer’s criticism of Dipak Misra

'Rule of Law is one of the basic principles of the Constitution. The Rule of Law implies the banning of “Rule of Jungle” in matters pertaining to a person or a Nation.'

Being called Devadasi is not an abuse, calling it an abuse is insulting to women

What offends me, as a person from a nattuvanar lineage which had devadasis in the past, is the public shaming of my foremothers.

FSSAI not a Lone Ranger, states have to complement it

A central body cannot ensure implementation across the country unless states take it upon themselves to drive the required changes at the micro level.

Organ donation is supported by Islam, and Syed Kirmani’s u-turn is disheartening

It is tragic, and unfortunate that former India wicket-keeper Syed Kirmani, who pledged his eyes, made a public statement that he may not honour his pledge citing religious values

Raya Sarkar’s list, and how it empowered me to tell my story

I could now deal with that internalised voice of patriarchy that keeps nagging us women saying, ‘Maybe you were asking for it in some way or the other.’

Polavaram, Kaleswaram projects to play defining role in AP, Telangana in 2019 polls

The BJP's electoral reverses in rural Gujarat is a warning for ruling regional players, making these big-ticket projects gain more prominence.

'Bunting’ wars of Dakshina Kannada: The string of small flags which fuel communalism

Bunting is just not about publicity or promotion of an event, for communal groups it is marking territory and a show of power or dominance in the area.

The women of 'Manichitrathazhu': How the Malayalam classic tames the 'shrew'

A gendered understanding of this iconic Malayalam movie.