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Opinion: Switch to English medium isn’t enough to improve Andhra’s education

Unless school access and infrastructure issues are addressed separately, children will receive no better education whatever the medium of instruction.

Opinion: Why English medium in Andhra govt schools will help democratise education

While the move to introduce English medium in Andhra government schools has attracted criticism, if implemented well, it could bring transformational changes in the education sector.

Artificial scapegoat: Why algorithms can't be blamed for political or corporate decisions

The laying of ethical responsibility on algorithms and machine learning for decisions made by capitalist and state actors should be resisted.

Opinion: With SC verdict, rebel MLAs have to contest elections with tar on their reputation

“The Speaker has smeared tar on the disqualified MLAs. The Supreme Court has upheld that,” Congress leader Brijesh Kalappa writes.

To tackle child sexual abuse, K’taka schools need compulsory personal safety education

In these classes, children over the age of three are taught the difference between safe and unsafe touch in an age and culturally appropriate manner.

Dear ICAI, don’t hold student lives at ransom: Wake up and act

Should CA students be forced to bear the brunt of a rigid course structure in the name of delivering quality professionals?

AP MLA faces casteist slurs: Why Dalits must be selective about embracing spaces

There is nothing wrong in seeking equality in institutions that could eventually liberate us; but attempts to embrace spaces which serve no purpose for our emancipation are futile.

Kerala floods: We must recognise increase in women's domestic work after disasters

Speaking to women, it was evident that their workload had doubled after the floods. For instance, they were now boiling water not only for drinking purposes but also for washing utensils.

The pressing need to rethink adulation of politicians

Whether an obit or a newspaper article or a full-fledged book, Western commentators are far more balanced. They don’t hesitate to call out.

‘Raising girls right’: Stigma of HPV vaccine is increasing risk of cervical cancer

Across the world, the incidence of cancer is 25% higher in men, but in India, women shoulder the burden more.