'Me Too': Why we must shift focus from the survivor to society

Lend a ear, be supportive and let them know that they're not alone.

Rohith Vemula was the quintessence of 'million mutinies': Author Nikhila Henry to TNM

In this interview with TNM, journalist Nikhila Henry speaks about her book 'The Ferment: Youth Unrest in India' and how the discourse of youth politics in the country has changed in the last decade.

Sabarimala: BJP stirs religious cauldron while Congress stokes the fire

The BJP President Amit Shah's game is straightforward. He is eager to do a Tripura in Kerala.

Smriti Irani’s rhetoric is a reminder that women should raise our political standards

There’s never a good reason to strive for the lowest common denominator of freedom and dignity. We should always try to raise our political standards and demands to the highest that we possibly can.

How the Sabarimala issue has promoted period shaming among young girls

In our obsession with the Sabarimala issue, we are letting down an entire generation of young people. There is need for urgent action to counter all the misinformation being spread.

An open letter on MeToo: The arrival of a 'woke' collective conscience

This collective conscience is one that is #woke to gender inequity – a space that does not allow for sexual harassment of women, men, or children to be normalised.

Giving it back to sexual harassers: My moments of glory in 'Me Too'

Often, we're not in a position to retaliate but here are two instances when I was able to do it and it felt great.

Corruption in corporate sector must be flushed out, writes Kerala MLA Sabarinadhan

A decade after the Satyam scam, despite positive changes in the corporate ethics space, it is plagued by malpractices albeit in the higher echelons.

Time's Up: Why we need to stop being complicit in protecting sexual harassers

If you are someone who is choosing to be a bystander, wilfully turning a blind eye to the serial perpetrators around you, you are wilfully choosing to put other people at risk.

Dear men, if a woman freezes at your unwanted touch, that is NOT consent

The sheer number of people telling survivors “if you did nothing, you probably wanted it” has, time and again, forced us to recoil into a world of self-doubt and repression.