Actor abduction case: It’s not enough to outrage, we need gender sensitisation for the police

Insensitive behaviour by the police is a massive deterrent for anyone who wants to file a case of assault or harassment.

Child sexual abuse in Bengaluru: Political lethargy is making kids unsafe at school

Is POSCO adequate to address abuse within educational institutions?

Jayalalithaa no more, Karunanidhi inactive, but TN crisis shows their politics is here to stay

Saturday’s ruckus in the Assembly proves that the more things change in Tamil Nadu, the more they remain the same.

Tamil Nadu's political drama: It's time for us to shed our VIP (vai illada praani) status

Let us seize the moment and shun our VIP (vaai illada praani) status quo.

Why is it so hard for critics and fans to stomach Anushka Shetty looking her age in 'Singam 3'?

Comments like Anushka looks 'too mature' and 'too old' have made their way to many reviews and discussions.

Comparing women to cars, rapes to accidents: What AP Assembly Speaker needs to understand

Comparing an act of sexual violation to stealing or accidents not only dehumanizes victims, it also conveniently places the blame on them.

Continuing to ignore public anger will cost Sasikala a lot more

Why did Sasikala assume that avoiding the public glare would solve her issues?

Suriya takes up 'dosa challenge' for 'Magalir Mattum', but will this go beyond a kitchen cameo?

Tamil films routinely depict a man who does housework as a "henpecked", pathetic creature.

Love doesn’t stalk, kill or murder, stop justifying toxic obsession as romance

It’s time to set out these distorted myths clearly, and call them out for the terrible lies they are.

Stop shooting videos of people bleeding on roads, accidents are not about the bystander!

As a Karnataka teen was run over by a bus, passersby recorded videos. What is this perverse fascination with shooting people who are dying?

Thanks for the encouragement Modi ji, but here’s why exams are anything but festivals

The problem with the education system is the emphasis on marks as an indicator of a student’s intelligence and eligibility.

Outraging about Donald Trump deporting people? Take a moment to remember Fawad Khan

In 2016, the elected Heads in India were happy to be bystanders, while chest-beating patriots drove Pakistani actors away.

As Shanmuganathan is accused of molestation, time to call out the dirty old men in our midst

Sexual harassment, molestation and assault happen because the perpetrators know that there are no consequences.

Why it doesn't make sense for the Nadigar Sangam to ask actors to get off social media

Celebrities are soft targets, but is the solution running away from a platform giving them the freedom to express their views?

I was skeptical of the protests at Marina, it all changed when I witnessed it

People finally have become bulls to reaffirm their self-respect, determination and identity. I, too, could not escape becoming a bull.

Does the solution to the jallikattu legal tangle lie with UNESCO?

An international treaty ratified by India in 2005 may hold the key.

Feminists should check their privilege too, gender doesn't exist in a social vacuum

As we go through our personal and political journeys, it’s important to recognise our privileges, and be mindful of them.

Jallikattu: Why the campaign must appeal to Indian govt and judiciary, not just attack PETA

Even going after OPS may not be entirely fruitful.

If IITs had more Dalit professors, would Aniket Ambhore be alive today?

On Sep 4, 2014, Aniket fell to his death from the sixth floor of an IIT-B hostel. It isn't clear if it was an accident or he jumped.

India’s animal rights morality and the eroding authority of the judiciary

From jallikattu in Tamil Nadu to cockfights in Andhra, the intentional and open flouting of the Supreme Court and Hyderabad High Court orders respectively show animal rights laws, and its critics, are failing.

Coming Trump world order: Western intelligence at sixes and sevens

Trump is quite clear: seek Russian cooperation to defeat terrorism.