Assaulted by one’s own: Domestic violence doesn’t exist only in marital homes

Let’s bring back the attention to violence women face within the homes they were born in, at the hands of their immediate family.

Destroying Mosul's Great Mosque: Islamic State's symbolic war to the end

It was at the same place that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced the creation of a new Islamic State.

The tree of knowledge is not an apple or an oak but a banyan

The right way to formulate epistemic pluralism has actually already been provided for us from within the pluralist cosmopolis of Sanskrit.

Facebook rolls out safety ‘shield’ with Indian women in mind, but there are glaring loopholes

The new feature gives users more control over who downloads, shares their photos, but there are flaws in the plan.

Mutual Funds are great for women, and they aren't as complicated as you think

Here is a simple explainer for you to get started right away.

After free markets and climate, will China now emerge as a human rights champion?

Money and muscle make anything possible.

Dear Manickan, I’m sorry the society and I failed you: Thoughts on manual scavenging

Manickan was standing in that ditch, hip deep, covered in dirt; using his bare hands he was trying to clean that ditch full of human excreta and sanitary napkins.

Make in India: Is the lion really roaring? A breakdown of the data

After about two and a half years since the launch, a deep dive into data to assess where we are headed.

Health Check: What's the right way to blow your nose?

One nostril or two? Hard blow or gentle? Some ways are more effective and less risky than others.

Diwakar Reddy's rowdyism: VIP culture will thrive if thuggish politicos aren’t punished

If politicians can behave this way in public, what might they be willing to do to get their way outside the camera’s glare?

Is Gold really a good investment?

It glitters, but that does not make it a good investment.

Knowing how money works empowers women: TNM presents - Rupee Rani

You’ll be surprised by how feminine finance really is.

June could bring the end of May

May faces “the most crucial negotiations in Britain’s recent history with a shredded reputation, a divided party, a slowing economy and the clock ticking away.”

Want to be Rabri Devi's daughter-in-law? Here's how you can make a successful application

Imagine serving chai to elders in Wonder Woman costume. No wonder Rabri Devi doesn't want her DILs to go to cinema halls.

'Woman's value is in her sex appeal': Just where is RGV going with his 'Sunny Leone' film?

RGV's 'progressive' short film is a disaster.

Donald Trump chooses wexit on climate change

With the US leaving the Paris accord, it might go the way of Kyoto.

Adani gives itself the green light, but that doesn't change the economics of coal

Is it nearly the end of the road for coal?

Qatar must choose whether to bow to Saudi pressure or defy it

As things stand, Doha is left with two clear choices.

Is it OK to tell women how to dress when protesting cruelty to animals? PETA India CEO counters TNM

PETA's provocative ad campaigns have succeeded in making several people choose a vegetarian or vegan life.

Lack of deaths is no reason to ignore lessons from Chennai Silks fire

A few points to consider when it comes to fire safety.

LGBTQ Pride Parade: 6 things you need to understand before you participate

We are proud of our sexuality and gender, but we also take pride in not restricting our resistance towards single issue or narrative.