A total of 27,306 pillion riders were booked for not wearing a helmet, a statement by Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar said.

Hyderabad police book 1.66 lakh traffic violations in eight-day special driveImage for representation/PTI
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The Hyderabad city police have booked over 1.66 lakh traffic violations in a special drive conducted over an eight-day period, from December 4 to December 11. A total of 2,399 cases of drunk driving were booked in this period, while 2,397 cases were booked for overspeeding or dangerous driving by motorists. Around 60,000 riders were booked for not wearing a helmet, while 27,306 pillion riders were booked for the same violation. The special drive was carried out by traffic police officers along with a few law and order officers from police stations, and City Armed Reserve officers from Petlaburj.  

For allowing an unauthorised person to drive, 2,280 cases were booked. A total of 2,008 cases of triple riding were booked, and 650 violations of using a cell phone while driving. A total of 5,710 persons were booked for driving without a license. 

Last week, in the late hours of December 5, two men were killed after being run over by the driver of a Porsche who had been allegedly speeding. The accident happened on Road No 2 of Banjara Hills at around 2 am. The deceased were identified as Ayodhya Rai and Debendra Kumar Das, both employees of a private hospital in the city, who were reportedly returning home from work when they were hit by the car while crossing the road. The driver, who later surrendered before the police, was identified as Rohit Goud, a realtor, 

The same night, two medical students were booked by Madhapur police for drunk driving after they hit and injured four pedestrians with their car near Durgam Cheruvu. Police said the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was found to be 116 mg/100 ml, while the permissible BAC level is 30 mg/100 ml. 

During the eight-day long special drive, Hyderabad police also booked 9,912 cases of wrong parking, 5,942 cases of parking on service roads, and 4,736 cases of parking in carriageways, according to a press note issued by Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar. Other violations booked were over improper number plates, not wearing a face mask, driving in the opposite direction, jumping signals, and not wearing a seat belt. 

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