Fahadh Faasil and Dileesh Pothan's ‘Joji’ to release on OTT

The film has been written by Syam Pushkaran who had teamed up with Fahadh and Dileesh for 'Maheshinte Prathikaram'.
Joji screengrab
Joji screengrab
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A really thin Fahadh Faasil is fishing for long minutes, walking around picturesque places and coming back to fish again. The teaser of his new film Joji ends thus, with the news that it is premiering on Amazon Prime Video on April 7.

"The voice of your eyes is deeper than your speech," says the tweet put out by Amazon Prime Video IN, along with the teaser. The quiet teaser gets darker towards the end and the music turns menacing as something finally gets caught in the fishing rod. But there, the teaser ends.

The film is directed by Dileesh Pothan, written by Syam Pushkaran, the same team that brought out the wonderful Fahadh film - Maheshinte Prathikaram. Dileesh's second film, another critically acclaimed one, was also with Fahadh - Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum, written by Sajeev Pazhoor. Shyju Khalid, the invaluable cinematographer from both the films, is also on the team for Joji.

When Joji was announced in October, it came with a tagline that the film is inspired from Shakespeare's Macbeth. A note by the production company said that the film is a 'heart full effort to interpret the classic in an independent way'. It is produced by Bhavana Studios, partnered by Dileesh, Fahadh and Syam.

According to a press release, Joji is a crime drama, and the film will have plots on greed, desire, murder and secrets. Joji is the youngest son in a rich farmers' family. He is an engineering dropout who wants to end up as a rich NRI. But his father does not allow this and considers him a failure. When some unexpected incidents happen within the family, Joji decides to implement his plans.

Hashtags on Amazon Prime's tweet suggest actors Baburaj, Unnimaya Prasad, Shammi Thilakan, Alister Alex and Basil Joseph are also in the film.

Kiran Das is the editor of the film. Justin Varghese is the music composer.

Bhavana Studios last made Kumbalangi Nights, a film that was appreciated by critics and had a good run in theatres. Fahadh played the antagonist's role to such perfection that stories were written just on his character.

Fahadh has a few highly anticipated films waiting for release. Irul, in which he acts alongside Darshana Rajendran and Soubin Shahir, will be released on Netflix on April 2. Malik, directed by Mahesh Narayanan will be a theatrical release in May. Malayankunju, in which he acts alongside Rajisha Vijayan, is currently being shot

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