Dear Mira Rajput, a baby is not a puppy, a feminist is not a dragon

Mira feels the ‘two sexes’ should not try to take the place of each other - but what does that mean?

Dinamalar needs a refresher course in laws against identifying sexual assault survivors

They even mixed up sex and rape, and the headline in one of their editions was appalling.

This Women’s Day, break the gender binary just a little bit more

What does it mean to be a man or a woman? And are you always one or the other?

'Suchi Leaks' and other celeb controversies: Entertaining for us but what about those involved?

Chinmayi's husband and Swarnamalya speak up about the character assassination that female celebrities undergo when a controversy breaks out.

Good news in an era of fake news: the public is becoming wiser about how the media works

'Fake news' isn't new. What arguably is new is its scale, and participatory nature.

When the 'object' has fantasies: Why a woman who is open about her desires scares us

When stalking and abuse are normalised by cinema, pretending that women don’t have sexual desires or fantasies only catalyses the problem.

In places where it's legal, how many people are ending their lives using euthanasia?

What is clear is that euthanasia is by no means a leading cause of death in countries where it is legal

Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s shooting in US has raised questions which point back at us, Indians

No dream comes without risks.

Equality and tradition clash as Naga women in India's northeast fight for political representation

Some fear the electoral situation will lead to more impositions by India’s central government, which the Nagas see as arrogant and dangerous.

Focus more on rooftop solar units than on centralised parks for power generation

A one-stop shop is needed that allows consumers to accurately assess the techno-economic potential and facilitate turnkey implementation.

I am a man, and the hashtag NotAllMen disgusts me. Here’s why

In the rising cacophony, the depressing reality that women seek to raise a mirror to has completely been drowned out.

Goons to the left, goons to the right, circus in between, no governance in sight

Nine words to perfidy

Silent daughters, proud papa: Why the new Aamir Khan ad on gender equality doesn't impress

Aamir does all the talking and the girls get a mere eight seconds as screen time.

Who are the Sufis and why does ISIS see them as threatening?

The popularity among Muslims and non-Muslims of tomb veneration alarms many conservative Muslims.

Uber's dismissive treatment of employee's sexism claims is all too typical

Business leaders make a Faustian bargain when they outsource civil rights.

Cult democracy in India: Poised between law, ludicrousness and ghosts

Dead people tell no tales

Maharashtra verdict: Has Modi's demonetisation gamble paid off?

Uddhav's only consolation will be the virtual decimation of his estranged cousin, Raj Thackeray's MNS.

We need more stars like Prithviraj and Siddharth to speak up about violence against women

The film industry, men and women, seldom acknowledges the misogyny that it actively perpetuates.

Actor abduction case: It’s not enough to outrage, we need gender sensitisation for the police

Insensitive behaviour by the police is a massive deterrent for anyone who wants to file a case of assault or harassment.

Child sexual abuse in Bengaluru: Political lethargy is making kids unsafe at school

Is POSCO adequate to address abuse within educational institutions?

Jayalalithaa no more, Karunanidhi inactive, but TN crisis shows their politics is here to stay

Saturday’s ruckus in the Assembly proves that the more things change in Tamil Nadu, the more they remain the same.