India needs Universal Health Coverage, but it won’t happen without strong political will

The poor are forever pushed to extreme poverty owing to enhanced out-of-pocket expenditure to meet their healthcare requirements.

Rise of the Telugu scions: Why IT will drive the political careers of KTR and Nara Lokesh

First, the choice of IT has much to do with Hyderabad, or rather what it represents.

I'm a suicide survivor, and when you talk about Arjun Bhardwaj, you’re talking to me

When you call those we have lost to suicide weak, it reminds me that I am weak.

In Left ruled Kerala, don’t distraught parents of a dead 18-year-old have space for dissent?

Not only did he not condemn the police action, the Kerala Chief Minister in fact justified them.

Why MHRD’s college rankings are pointless, and Tamil Nadu shouldn’t feel too proud

As every college owner or educationist knows, the idea of rating is clearly a marketing concept.

Ten seasons of IPL: It’s success is not just in revolutionizing cricket, but also other Indian sports

With the big bucks and glamour came the controversies, like the spot-fixing scandal that led to Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals being suspended.

Abuse, threats, violence: Why social media is the devil, actor Vinodhini Vaidyanathan writes

"Every year, I have at least five fake IDs in my name."

Arjun Bhardwaj suicide: What you can do if someone you know seems depressed

Listen, take their feelings seriously, and be empathetic.

Neeya Naana debate not about dowry, but women asking for share in family wealth

Marriage remains a transaction between two men, bride's father and the groom.

Wrong if you ask, not if I do: Neeya Naana's second dowry show exposes our double standards

The show’s many male participants proudly proclaimed views that couldn't be more regressive.

I am almost 17 years old, and hardly any of my friends understand their ‘mother tongue’

What is patriotism, if the new generation is incapable of understanding their own language?

Forget quinoa and kale, these basic foods for your kids’ lunch box will give them the nutrition they need

Supposedly healthy choices can also result in inadvertent but significant boosts to daily calorie intake.

Is BJP wooing Rajinikanth the real reason behind Tamil groups opposing Sri Lanka trip?

Was the Jaffna trip an attempt to portray Rajini as a champion of Tamils ahead of the 2019 General elections?

Will rape end if we all learn karate? The simplistic politics of Taapsee Pannu's 'Hit Back' video

Can we end caste violence or race violence through self-defence? Would the solution to either be learning kung fu?

As Kerala marches forward, LGBTQ community in Tamil Nadu can only envy the progress next door

In Kerala, unlike my state Tamil Nadu, the political class seems committed to bringing in change.

In the age of ‘breaking news’: Mangalam’s sordid history and murky journalism

Mangalam was one of dailies which unquestioningly accepted material handed out by shadowy police and political sources.

Remembering Ahmed Kathrada, the Indian South African whom Mandela called his ‘Mirror’

Back home in India, Ahmed Kathrada (1929-2017), a Liberation Struggle veteran who spent 26 years in prison with his great friend Nelson Mandela, is relatively unknown.

Nat Geo’s ‘Inside Tirumala Tirupati’ misses quite a few details, a viewer writes

The repeated visuals do not do justice to the channel's reputation, and the extensive focus on the kitchens took up too much time.

Students of this school are trying to regenerate sholas and grasslands of Nilgiris. Here's why

Unlike us, today’s students at the Lawrence School, Lovedale will graduate with an understanding of what the shola-grassland ecosystem is.

Great Indian moral police who don’t get called out - the media who ‘expose’ consensual sex

A recently launched Malayalam channel started their broadcast with an ‘inappropriate’ tape - and no one knows how they got it.

Explainer: Why the Centre's big solar push could run into a land acquisition hurdle

The government's latest move would mean acquisition of at least 80,000 acres of land -- thrice Jaipur's area.