UDAN will make air travel affordable for many, but not the poor

But even at these low prices, a considerable part of the population is unlikely to use air services as claimed by the Prime Minister.

As Rajamouli’s post on caste re-emerges, don’t forget that ‘Baahubali’ is casteist, racist too

Even the ‘progressive’ Devasena mouths a few deeply casteist lines.

Kannada filmmaker blames 'Baahubali' for his film losing out: Is the accusation fair?

Releasing a niche film ahead of a mass market movie like 'Baahubali' is suicidal.

‘Men should learn home science, women, martial arts’: Is Yogi listening to Sushma Swaraj?

The External Affairs Minister believes that it's necessary for men to learn kitchen skills to ease the burden on women.

Inside the mind of a troll: The psychology behind the vicious trolling women face online

Where does the energy, the drive or perhaps the motivation come from?

French presidential candidate Macron is 39, his wife 64: Why do we find this so hard to accept?

The absurd interest in Emmanuel Macron's personal life would have one believe that he indulges in Roman style orgies every day.

If IPL was born earlier, these lesser-known Indian cricketers who would have rocked it

IPL has fast-tracked young Indian cricketers into international reckoning, where once the road was arduous, the process in stages, and usually requiring a sustained period of consistency in domestic cricket.

Pro-humanity, not anti-science: Why protest against Neutrino project in TN is also scientific

There are some pertinent questions that surround the Neutrino project.

French Elections: Macron or Le Pen – who will bring stability, peace and growth?

The jury is partially in.

How many times must we excuse M M Mani’s sexist, crude remarks?

It is for the government to decide if it should allow a sexist minister to continue in power

TOI’s matrimonial ads to put education before looks, but it’s only a very small start

While it all appears well and progressive at face value, there are many problems with it.

Teen arrested for ‘impregnating’ neighbour: We must remember that kids have sexuality too

Often, when parents find out about consensual sex between minors, the boy ends up with a ‘rape’ case.

Calling MM Mani ‘crazy’ to hit out at his ‘mental asylum’ statement makes us no better than him

We as a society have no qualms about making jokes on Oolampara - or NIMHANS or Kilpauk or Agra.

VVIP culture: From Kamaraj to Shastri, stories of real austerity from the past

Gandhian leaders of post-independent India can teach a few lessons to our entitled VIPs

Ahead of polls, the French are voting in fear for peace

France, a former colonial power, has been at the receiving end of some of the deadliest attacks on civilians in Europe.

Sathyaraj's forced ‘apology’, the latest in the long line of arm twisting big banner movies

Big budget flicks are sitting ducks for political outfits to get their five minutes of infamy and much more.

How studying under the Samacheer Kalvi system left me at a disadvantage in a national law school

The Samacheer Kalvi system stresses on rote learning and memory recall of subject material, ensuring that a student never engages deeply with their subjects.

Hey Miss India folks, what's with the bias against 'bad' character and mental illness?

Basically, you want someone young and virginal, with no baggage, no attachments and a "perfect" body and face and "character" to go with it.

Bengaluru needs a govt that respects the law, not one that is complicit in violating it

Is the CM part and parcel of this conspiracy to help builders exploit and destroy our city?

Hype of the ‘mad genius’: Pop culture romanticism of mental health and contemporary art

It’s not the mental disorder itself, but the fight against it.

Don't go hating Snapchat CEO, we Indians treat our poor with contempt too

We’re eager for a positive narrative about India, but we have to take responsibility for the state of the poor in the country.


Leave the politics aside, it just makes a lot of sense to learn the local language

You can have objections to learning the local language only if you believe that everyone else should speak the same language you do.

By infringing on the executive, SC has set a dangerous precedent in the Senkumar case

Elected representatives are the final arbitrator of Public dissatisfaction, not courts.

Actor Vishal calls for indefinite strike to curb piracy: Will it be of any use?

How practical is it to expect the state government to resolve a problem that's widespread across entertainment industries around the world?

Is Kalabharati the real reason why the Telangana govt wants the Dharna Chowk to go?

Soon after coming to power, the KCR government has been relentlessly trying to privatise public properties and inventing construction schemes.

Why India's decision to not endorse China's New Silk Road project is wise foreign policy

China is aware of the importance of India’s role as a regional power to meet the set objectives of OBOR.

If Rajinikanth says 'I like barotta', does that mean he's entering politics?

For years, people have been asking 'When will Rajini enter politics?'. Can we please stop?

Blood, sweat and swearing: Having children is beautiful, but childbirth isn’t for many

Popular culture shows us a beaming mother gazing adoringly at a newborn; three women recall how different it is when it comes to childbirth.

Motherhood is a choice, and 9 other truths we should keep in mind

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, there is in no one prototype.

5 'Facts' about menstruation I don't want to hear any more

If menstruating women have such an impact on "energy", why don't we study menstrual blood along with gau mutra?