Contrary to what some men think, being called a 'slut' doesn't destroy women

Once I refused to look at myself the way the patriarchal world did, words like 'slut' simply stopped having any effect.

Rupee Rani: Ladies, contributing money to family is important, but never at your own cost

Women need to save more aggressively, and be taught that there is nothing shameful in spending and saving for themselves.

A Hyderabad school student’s appeal: Society must learn to fight its drug problem

The sheer pressure of a highly competitive education system, and the parental burden it comes with, could be pushing teenagers towards drugs.

Kakkoos row: Behind Divya Bharathi’s sickening harassment, a call for Dalit agency

It’s a clash of ideas between ‘Liberals’ and Dalits seeking to have a voice in narrating their own stories, and presenting Divya’s harassment as a right-wing-fueled campaign is grave injustice to protesting Pallars.

Inciting violence is not how political rivalry works, and Jagan will do well to remember that

For a leader arrested for charges of corruption, it is also ironic that the YSR Congress Party chief has used ‘corruption’ has his salvo.

When I first reached, it was fully dark: How a Tamil IAS officer lit up a Meghalaya region

There were trees around, a few signs of habitation. But no lights on the road except a few dim ones I could see from a village.

Googling for symptoms online? ‘Social Media Docs’ can do more harm than good, a doctor writes

The internet has affected the medical field as much as it has affected all domains of life.

Laver Cup: No Fedal contest and shorn of ranking points, does the tennis meet hold any value?

In the absence of a real contest or context, what has the Laver Cup to offer other than being an exhibition, albeit with a lot of name dropping?

PC George feels assault survivor is lying since she went to work, here's why he should shut up

The Kerala MLA claimed that the survivor in the actor abduction case was lying because she went to work the next day.

The question really is: Are Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth qualified to enter politics?

Let the people decide whether Tamil Nadu’s fate is going to be decided by film fans.