The results were unintentionally hilarious.

Vijayakants Twitter QA was all youd expect it to be awkward ROFL funny and absurdTwitter
news TN 2016 Sunday, May 01, 2016 - 12:54

Vijayakant wrapped up his first Twitter Q&A, a big plunge into social media interactions, taking a cue from Didi's Q&A last week. And the results were nothing short of awkward, limp and unintentionally hilarious. Here is a sneak peak.

His heroes and villains are now political, not celluloid. 


He hopes everyone gets he isn’t an astrologer. 


                (When asked how many constituencies DMDK will win in this election)

Is Vijayakant secular or a patriot? Answer is in this question. 


If you tell Vijayakant he isn’t speaking very clearly these days, no. It’s you who isn’t speaking clearly. What?


He assured fans that he’ll be back in movies again. 


(His next  film is Tamilan Endru Sol directed by Arun Ponnambalam)


When we don’t understand a question and we nod our head and try a generic answer just to get done with it? Vijayakant does that too. He's like one of us.


         (He was asked what measures he would vow to take to deal with the threat of global warming)


He fights the obvious with the obvious. 


(What will your first sign off on once you become CM? Vijayakant: The signature that I am CM) 

He'll be back next Sunday to take more questions. Thanks Vijayakant, you never fail to entertain, but kudos to you for attempting this.

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