Video: Telangana sanitation worker attacked for asking two men to wear masks

The assault was captured on camera by another sanitation worker.
Attack on sanitation worker in Nizamabad
Attack on sanitation worker in Nizamabad
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A sanitation worker in Nizamabad was slapped and threatened by two men, who were asked to wear a mask. The incident, which took place on Saturday was caught on video by another sanitation staff member, who was inside the municipal sanitation vehicle. 

The video shows four men standing outdoors and having an argument. Two of the men are sanitation workers, who are wearing masks, while two others are residents, who are maskless. The video shows one of the residents, who is wearing a vest and trousers, threatening to assault one of the workers with the hand plough he is carrying. He then slaps the sanitation worker, who staggers back. The man carrying the plough then raises it once again, in an attempt to attack the other sanitation worker, while pointing at the garbage bin. The municipal staff worker picks up the garbage bin and walks away. Soon after the man charges at the other sanitation worker and threatens to hit him with the plough. While the other resident pushes him away, the man with the plough realises that his actions have been filmed by the driver of the municipal vehicle. While he runs towards the vehicle, the other resident can be seen hitting the sanitation worker on his head. The video concludes with the driver dropping the mobile phone, as the man with the plough can be heard banging on the vehicle door.  

According to reports, Nizamabad Municipality staff were on a regular garbage pickup drive in Gouthamnagar of Three Town area when the incident took place. The police have identified the accused as Fayaz and his father Sofi, owner of Nizamabad-based Bombay Bakery. According to reports, municipal sanitation workers Yadagiri, Srinu, Bishapathi, Ravi, Balraj and vehicle driver Santhosh Singh were part of the garbage pick up drive. They found both men not wearing masks and requested them to wear one before they handed over the garbage.

When Fayaz argued that he will not wear a mask, one of the sanitation workers said that they will not pick up the garbage unless they wear a mask. Agitated by the response from the staff, Fayaz slapped, and threatened the sanitation workers.

Speaking to TNM, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Srinivas said that a case was booked against Fayaz and Sofi on charges of assault, criminal intimidation and assaulting a public servant and other relevant sections.

ACP said, "Both men have attacked the staff, who had urged them to wear masks. A case was registered based on the victim's complaint. Both have been arrested."

The incident highlights the safety of frontline workers in the face of the rising cases in the state. Nizamabad has reported 367 fresh COVID-19 cases as per the April 18 bulletin, while the state recorded 5093 new COVID19 cases.


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