The letter was filled with caste insults, asking him to marry off his sons to women of their own caste.

Unending ordeal Murdered Dalit man Sankars family receives threatening letter with caste insults
news Caste Friday, March 18, 2016 - 17:19

A threatening letter was allegedly delivered to the family of Sankar, the Dalit youth who was hacked for marrying Kausalya, a caste Hindu, on Friday morning. Addressed to Sankar’s father Veluchamy, the letter was filled with caste insults, asking him not to make the same mistake and marry off his sons to women of their own caste. TNM cannot vouch for the authenticity of the letter.

Speaking to The News Minute, Sankar’s brother said they had approached the police on receiving the letter. “The police tried to trace the address, but it was fake. We immediately filed a complaint with the police, and the enquiry is underway. My father is very scared.” Asked if more security has been provided, he said it was minimal.  

Here is a translation of the letter: 

Velu, what caste are you? Sakkiliyan? (SC caste used as insult) Making your son study at a college when he should be in Palani sitting under a tree mending shoes while people come and go. You should live your life with the 50 or 100 rupees you get a day.

Why did you make son study in college, Sakkiliyan? You, Sakkiliyan, if you make your son study in college, you think you can become an Udumalai Gounder? You think you can buy 2 whole bus routes or 2 cinema theatres?

You should raise your son just like your father raised you. You Sakkiliyan dog, why did your father give birth to you? Are you happy that a 20 year old has gone to hell? Are you happy? If you gave him two places to stitch chappals in Udumalaipet, this would not have happened. Then, when he got married, and you sent Kausalya to her mother and father instead of letting them live, you would have saved your son also.

At least raise your other sons and marry them off to someone from the same caste.

In America, London, Africa, love is okay. This is not for India. This is not for Tamil Nadu. Gounder Thottam, Ramasamy Mudaliar Thottam, Venkatram Chettiar Malligai, Ram Seth Nagai Kadai -they are owned and run by people from the higher caste. MLAs MPs, they are all higher caste. Nobody is low caste.

You must be under the control of these higher caste men. If there is no head, there will be no tail. Justice is on our side, but nobody supports us. Sakkiliyan, how dare you talk wrong about us? Whatever has happened, has happened,in 7 years you see. You will forget. 




Earlier, TNM reported on how several celebratory social media posts were put up following the killing of Sankar. Watch a short video on the posts here.

The News Minute accessed the letter from Sankar's family and cannot vouch for its authenticity.

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