A total of 238 contributors donated to the campaign.

Thanks to TNM readers Rs 4 lakh reaches Chennai Audi victims family
news Audi hit-and-run Wednesday, August 17, 2016 - 15:43

At 4am on July 2nd, 48-year-old Munnusamy was crossing the road to begin his day as a load carrier. While entering the arterial OMR road, he was suddenly hit by a speeding Audi car at a U-Turn and flung into the air on impact. The driver of the car did not stop until municipal sweepers intervened and stopped the car.  

Within 10 minutes, three young women, inebriated and returning from a party, stepped out of the car. Aishwarya Wilton, the daughter of insurance surveyor Wilton Rulans, was arrested on charges of murder. 

Aishwarya Wilton

Munnusamy’s wife and two children Divya and Karthik who had rushed to the spot watched on as the women could barely stand, balancing themselves on the bonnet of the car.. Aside the car, they watched Munnusamy’s mangled body being swiftly covered up before any photographs could be taken.

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This is the story of a family barely making ends meet in their one room home, and falling victim to an incident of negligent drunken driving. Munuswammy and his wife Govindamma's son Karthik is in the 11th standard, and her daughter is in the 6th standard. Having lost the breadwinner in the family, funds for their children's education were running dry. 

Govindamma, Munnusamy's wife

On hearing their story, The News Minute started a campaign to raise money for the family on Ketto, an online fundraising platform run by Varun Gupta and Kunal Kapoor.  The campaign has managed to raise Rs. 4,50,000 in over a month, all thanks to its 238 contributors. Some even donated Rs.100 in a bid to help the family in any way they could. The highest contribution  of Rs.50,000, was received from an anonymous donor. A sum of Rs.4,07,331 was deposited in a joint account in the name of Govindamma and her son Karthik.

Speaking to TNM, Govindamma said she was extremely grateful and showered thanks for the funds. She was elated that she could put it to good use for her children’s education – especially her son’s, who wants to study to become a collector. "Thanks to all those people who helped. I cannot tell you how much this will help my family. I will thank all of you all the time in my prayers," she said.

The breakup of the deductions are as follows: Ketto Fee + Payment gateway fees + Service tax

Meanwhile, Aishwarya is out on conditional bail.

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