CPI Candidate Mohan felt so strongly about his Communist roots, he named his kin after the three 'isms'.

Meet Communism Leninism and Socialism sons of proud Leftist father contesting TN polls
news TN 2016 Monday, April 25, 2016 - 15:35

P Mohan, a long-time CPI member who will now be contesting from Salem’s Veerapandi constituency, felt a kinship with the ideology of his party on an entirely different magnitude. So much so, that he named his children after the three 'isms'. 

His three sons, Communism, Leninism and Socialism beam with pride at their family’s CPI legacy. “No, we didn’t have a difficult childhood with these names. We only got extra candy,” Communism says, chuckling at the attention he has gotten since his father’s campaigns. Communism is a 24-year-old lawyer who earned the fascination of his boss for his unique name during his first job interview. But he wants to set the record straight, “While I enjoy the attention, I’m not just my name, you know.” 

Mohan’s younger sons, Leninism and Socialism, both hold B. Com degrees and run a silver anklet manufacturing unit. “It runs in our blood, and what better way to honour Communism than by naming my children after the three ideologies,” Mohan enthuses.

“Sometimes we get quizzed about whether we know what our names mean,” Communism adds, saying he often ends up giving a viva voce on his understanding of Communism. “Some people also ask me if it’s dead. I say I don’t know about that but at least it’s alive in my name.”

Socialism didn’t have it any different. He was a rage at college, and doesn’t regret the popularity he enjoyed. “But if you ask me about what Socialism is, I say I know nothing,” he confesses. “That’s the part I don’t enjoy.” 

His father, who comes from a family of communists, plans on entering the electoral fray for the first time and is campaigning fervently with his three sons. “It’s all in the name, and my sons need to enter politics too. So this will help them when they stand for elections. I have thought ahead."

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