Kerala MLA’s son files complaint against an MP’s wife for alleging sexual harassment

In her memoirs, Nisha Jose did not take any names. But Shone George claims she was leaving enough clues to implicate him.
Kerala MLA’s son files complaint against an MP’s wife for alleging sexual harassment
Kerala MLA’s son files complaint against an MP’s wife for alleging sexual harassment
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Shone George, son of Poonjar MLA, P C George, has lodged a police complaint against  Nisha Jose, wife of Kottayam MP Jose K Mani, for her statements in her memoir that she was sexually harassed by the son of a well-known political leader in the state.

The complaints were lodged to State Police Chief Lokanath Behera and Superintendent of police VM Mohammed Rafique.

Though Nisha has not disclosed the name of the person who touched her inappropriately during a train journey in her recently published memoir titled ‘The Other Side of Life’; Shone says that it seems she was leaving enough clues to implicate him. “I didn’t do anything wrong, as a citizen I have the right to expose the truth. If it was me she should file a complaint against me, if it was not me she should say it out in the open. I am sure that I didn’t do what she alleged” Shone told TNM.

Nisha is the daughter-in-law of one of the most powerful political leader of the state, K M Mani, the head of Kerala Congress (M). P C George representing the Poonjar constituency is the sole independent MLA in the state Assembly. Pala and Poonjar, both in Kottayam district are strongholds of Mani and George respectively. George at one phase of his political career used to be part of the KC (M).

Nisha had written that the politician’s son approached her when she was waiting in the station, late at night, to a train.  The man, Nisha wrote, introduced himself using his father’s name and revealed that he was traveling to visit his father-in-law, who was undergoing treatment in a hospital there.

On boarding the train, Nisha claimed that the man continued to initiate conversation with her. Irritated, she complained to the TTE, who allegedly washed his hands off the situation saying that he did not want to intervene. He also said that since the duo belonged to the “same political front”, he would probably land in trouble.

"Occasionally his hand would accidentally brush past my toes as he shifted his position. And I felt violated,” she wrote.

Nisha wrote that she asked him to leave firmly and informed her husband when she got home.

“The incident mentioned in the memoir happened in 2012. At that time both Nisha and I used to work for the same party, KC (M). I had gone to Kozhikode to visit my father-in-law at a hospital. I met her at the railway station on my return journey. She told me that she was in Kozhikode for a business visit. There were some CPI (M) members who were going to attend a party meeting in Thiruvananthapuram. We all boarded the train, spoke to each other for some time and slept. When we reached Kottayam, I asked her if she had a vehicle to go, she said yes,” he said.

Shone's wife Parvathy, daughter of well-known actor Jagathy in a Facebook post said that if a book had to be marketed the target should have been Shah Rukh Khan or Tom Cruise. PC George has also come out slamming Nisha.

In 2015, Saritha Nair, one of the accused in the solar scam case had alleged that Jose K Mani had sexually harassed her. At that time, Nisha had come out in support of her husband and called him a victim of conspiracy.

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