‘Double standards’: Actor Durga responds to online abuse for her intimate scene

In her latest Instagram post, actor Durga Krishna questions why her partner is shamed for being supportive of her choice to perform an intimate scene on screen, while her male colleagues seldom face the same kind of scrutiny.
 An image of actor Durga Krishna
An image of actor Durga Krishna
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Women actors are often trolled and shamed for their choice of clothes, performances of intimate scenes on-screen and social media posts. In her latest Instagram post, actor Durga Krishna opened up about the comments made by social media users after the release of romantic number ‘Maaran’ from her upcoming film Kudukku 2025, which co-stars actor Krishna Sankar. Durga shared that she has been subjected to shaming and online abuse from the audience for a kissing scene in the song.

Durga points out how many people have resorted to name-calling and have also sent abusive messages about her partner Arjun Raveendran for supporting her choice to perform the kissing scene in the song. Calling out people for their double standards, Durga questions, “My partner is shamed for respecting my choice to perform an intimate scene, while they consider my co-star Krishna’s wife to be supportive. Both of us did the interview and both of us are part of the performance. Why are male actors in Malayalam cinema not subjected to the same kind of scrutiny and abuse that female actors face?” 

In an earlier interview, when actors Durga and Krishna were questioned whether their partners are comfortable with them performing intimate scenes on-screen, the actors responded saying that both of their partners are supportive, understand their profession and know the difference between on-screen performances and real-life.  

Reflecting on how users put little or no thought into their comments, Durga stated in the video, “After I shared a screenshot of a message I received which contained profane words, slamming my partner Arjun, the sender of the text saw the story, apologised to me and demanded that the story to be taken down. When I didn’t agree, she said she’d get in trouble if her husband sees my Instagram story. Although my partner is understanding, what about the impression it leaves among my family members and my partner?” 

In addition, the Pretham 2 actor clarifies that viewers have the right to disagree with her and not watch her song or the film, but she notes how sending abusive messages to actors and their partners is not acceptable.  

This is not the first time that a woman actor has been shamed and received online abuse. From the ‘women have legs’ posts made by Mollywood actors to Bollywood actors like Radhika Apte speaking up against online abuse and shaming for performing an intimate scene in Parched, several actors have challenged internet trolls with their befitting replies.  

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