Modelling when Muslim: How a bikini shoot angered my relatives but made me confident

I was accused of bringing “disgrace” to the family for “shamelessly exposing” my body.

The News Minute is three years and a day old. Here’s how it all began.

Dhanya is a prankster, I sing when possible and Vignesh is very forgiving.

As a woman of the ‘right age’, I wish I was allowed to visit Sabarimala earlier

To anyone who says only atheists question the restrictions on women from entering the temple, I believe in God and offer prayers everyday.

Is your family WhatsApp group driving you crazy with prejudiced jokes? There's help at hand

It's easier to quit or mute these groups but we must learn how to take on prejudice in our intimate circles, too.

When Ms Muttaghose made Panneer Dosa while reporting on TN Politics

Having exhausted their supply of paneer related jokes, the Dilli media is now trying to persuade the Sasikala camp to appoint someone named Gobi as the Legislative Party Leader.

Patanjali ad has effectively shamed me for being a 'bindaas' girl, now please marry me

The ad shows two sisters, one 'sanskaari' and another 'bindaas' and what happens to them. Because of their pimples.

I'm a black woman who loves Bollywood, why is my colour an issue?

When Indian people love Western things, do people laugh at them?

Killing kittens to see if they breathe: This class 4 EVS book is the real deal and we're inspired

What do you need compassion for when you can get an education?

Namaskar, Mother India - the systematic genocide against Baloch people continues

We turn to India for succour. We know no other mother.

Enlightened feminists to open beauty parlours after revelation that dowry is due to ugliness

Feminists and activists who have spent hours counseling victims now feel they should have just given them a facial.

Over enthusiastic volunteers could turn Ennore environment disaster into a health disaster

As civil society, we need to be more aware of the health impacts of the disaster and act responsibly, not emotionally.

Nirmal the rebel: The sportswriter who touched our lives with exuberant prose

Nirmal was both a rebel, and an extraordinarily generous man.

Be comfortable in the kitchen: 9 rules for the well settled feminist father

If we are to raise sensitive, inquisitive, collaborative, and free-thinking adults, we need to change the way we tell the gender story through their childhood years.

No cash, no passport: The story of an Indian student from Harvard who got mugged in Tanzania

“Nothing can be done. Even if you give me two crore rupees, nothing can be done," was the response of the consular officer at the Indian Embassy in Tanzania.

Federer's win wasn't just another Grand Slam, but victory against his history with Rafa

In that final set, Federer played the ball in front of him instead of the man across the net.

Rebuttal: Right wing cannot match sexual degeneracy of Bollywood

What cinematic art needs in India is for rooted artists and producers to re-establish normalcy.

Hindu right-wing’s attack on Bhansali and their failure in the politics of Indian cinema

The frustration of having failed at using Bollywood as a tool.

The anguish of an artist: Jayan Cherian of 'Ka Bodyscapes' and his cinema in exile

Just as the characters of his films fight the structure and fail, Jayan Cherian fights a losing battle with the rigid censors.

I had a difficult, complicated pregnancy, but my dogs helped me pull through

Many people give up pets during pregnancy. I didn't get through my pregnancy despite my dogs, but because of them.

Can David Nabarro heal the WHO and put it back on track?

Merit is overwhelmingly in his favour.

I fought a defamation battle against a fellow journalist all alone, because NDTV failed me

Why should I not question the hypocrisy of NDTV and Nakkeeran?