Akhilesh Yadav may have won the cycle race, but has UP lost everything?

Now the real issue in these elections is the poor track record under Akhilesh Yadav and not the power politics within SP.

Abstinence isn’t sex ed: Telling young people that sex is bad can scar them for life

Instead of telling us about safe sex and contraception, they decided to show us bloody condoms and aborted foetesus.

Of 'puncher shaaps' and 'mattan shopes': Why obsess with spelling when meaning is clear?

I have bought beautiful flowers from a 'flore shaap', and picked up nice bits of furniture from shops which advertise 'wuden frams' in Bangalore.

No one thinks it's all men; it's just enough men to make us live in fear

You just need to ask why, and why again and why to every, everyday sexism, till the narrative loses logic and then you can watch them crash and burn.

There are no real heroes in my grandson's world, only those fighting evil with superpowers

In my grandson's world there are no heroes to emulate. To fight Evil and restore Order you cannot be an ordinary mortal.

Why secessionism will never leave Tamil people’s psyche: the undercurrent for a Tamil nation

The Indian nation-state continues to be a bundle of contradictions, and with its Dravidian-secessionist past, Tamil Nadu will continue to confront Indian ultra-nationalism.

Brave, bold, courageous: Jayalalithaa’s voice in Parliament – read AIADMK MP’s moving speech

Rajya Sabha MP Maitreyan fondly remembers his long association with late CM Jayalalithaa.

ASUS Zenfone 3 Max: Long lasting battery that charges other devices too

The full-HD display gives 75 per cent screen-to-body ratio and delivers better sharpness.

Renewable energy: Why India might not achieve its target of 100 GW by 2022

To achieve its targets, India must add an average of 21.7 GW per year, which is three times the capacity it added in 2016.

2017 New Year’s Eve: How secure will Namma Bengaluru be then?

What Namma city needs is for men to show solidarity with women, for women to not remain silent anymore and for the state’s security apparatus to respond to this raging issue

Repeat of sexual assaults will permanently tarnish Bengaluru’s image, swift action needed

Urgent action is needed to tackle a weak system of law enforcement and policing that leaves women vulnerable.

The tragedy facing Indian women: My safety is always my responsibility

Girls wearing short clothes, drinking and partying are copying Western culture, then are boys molesting them copying Indian culture?

George Fernandes and Gujarat riots: Jaya Jaitly recounts the events after Godhra

Is there an attempt to create a post-truth narrative about George Fernandes?

Was harassed in a theatre, but ‘Dangal’ freed me from my decades-old fear

Going to a movie theatre may be a routine event for most, but for me it brings back a horrible experience.

Why despite being a woman, I still loved watching Dangal

An honest crook is any day better than a pious hypocrite.

Nubia Z11 smartphone: A mini-DSLR in your pocket

If you want a mini-DSLR in your pocket, Z11 is your choice.

No holiday cheer, only stress and overwork are the Indian banker’s wages

Every workday of my husband’s lasts almost as long as the full work week of a Swede.

To the man who raped my friend, I want you to know what you did to her

I hope one day you realise monsters don't come growling with bared teeth, they come like you and me.

Blog: Dangal, the hugely inspiring story of Geeta Phogat

This is not an Aamir Khan film. This is a Fatima Shaikh-Zaira Wasim film.

Branded by hate: Rethinking my Muslim identity in this age of selective outrage

‘Despite being a non-practicing Muslim, now I feel forced to don the identity of one.’