A journalist’s burden of despair and anger: The injustice to this old man will haunt me forever

Madhu struggled for years to find out the truth about how his son Aneesh had died, but never found his answers.

Fly me to the Moon? Why the world should be wary of Elon Musk's space race

Space travel is not a natural process, but a social one, involving domestic politics, international competition, and state funds.

Giving girls their due: How a village sarpanch showed the way

People like this sarpanch in an East Delhi village are helping change the perception that a girl is 'only' a liability.

There are no superwomen: This Women’s Day, can we please stop with these patronising ads?

Can you imagine a superhero movie where all that the man with super human powers does is housework, housework, and oh more housework while smiling pleasantly all through?

The return of the pugnacious southpaw: Will Abhinav Mukund’s comeback be longer?

So obsessed was he in making an international comeback that, by his own admission, he had stopped enjoying the game that he loved.

A letter from Democracy, to the Free Speech she misses: A Bengaluru 17-yr-old writes

"I hope this letter to you isn’t being written in vain. In more colloquial words, if I may, I hope you are not dead."

Dear Gurmehar, One woman to another, this woman’s day

It saddens me to see you retreat from Delhi to Jalandhar to recover. But recover you must.

Listen to Maneka ji beta - it’s not discrimination, we’re just controlling hormonal outbursts

Imagine a hostel full of 16 year old girls with hormonal outbursts running amok on campus and it's worse than the zombie apocalypse.

Kerala priest rape case: The Church's defense is sick and dangerous

The convenient excuse that the church hands out each time such an assault comes out in the open is this – “Not all priests are like that.”

India should be unhappy at the manner of losing Test

Sometimes the figures tell it all.

Lipstick to seal my vagina shut? Let's start with its creator's mouth

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick to my “plugs" and "diapers” instead.

Modelling when Muslim: How a bikini shoot angered my relatives but made me confident

I was accused of bringing “disgrace” to the family for “shamelessly exposing” my body.

The News Minute is three years and a day old. Here’s how it all began.

Dhanya is a prankster, I sing when possible and Vignesh is very forgiving.

As a woman of the ‘right age’, I wish I was allowed to visit Sabarimala earlier

To anyone who says only atheists question the restrictions on women from entering the temple, I believe in God and offer prayers everyday.

Is your family WhatsApp group driving you crazy with prejudiced jokes? There's help at hand

It's easier to quit or mute these groups but we must learn how to take on prejudice in our intimate circles, too.

When Ms Muttaghose made Panneer Dosa while reporting on TN Politics

Having exhausted their supply of paneer related jokes, the Dilli media is now trying to persuade the Sasikala camp to appoint someone named Gobi as the Legislative Party Leader.

Patanjali ad has effectively shamed me for being a 'bindaas' girl, now please marry me

The ad shows two sisters, one 'sanskaari' and another 'bindaas' and what happens to them. Because of their pimples.

I'm a black woman who loves Bollywood, why is my colour an issue?

When Indian people love Western things, do people laugh at them?

Killing kittens to see if they breathe: This class 4 EVS book is the real deal and we're inspired

What do you need compassion for when you can get an education?

Namaskar, Mother India - the systematic genocide against Baloch people continues

We turn to India for succour. We know no other mother.

Enlightened feminists to open beauty parlours after revelation that dowry is due to ugliness

Feminists and activists who have spent hours counseling victims now feel they should have just given them a facial.