Video: Two trucks collide near Hyderabad while trying to avoid motorist

Cyberabad Traffic Police have booked the motorist for negligence, for triggering the accident.
Truck overturned after collision at Himayat Sagar toll gate.
Truck overturned after collision at Himayat Sagar toll gate.
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A road accident, which occurred on Monday morning on the outskirts of Hyderabad was caught on camera. Two trucks ended up colliding, as the driver of one of the trucks swerved to avoid crashing into a motorist. Footage of the accident, which happened at the Himayat Sagar toll gate in Rajendranagar, shows the bike rider abruptly entering the highway at an intersection. The driver of a truck approaching him is seen swerving suddenly to avoid hitting the bike rider and ends up colliding with an oncoming truck in the opposite lane. The motorist escaped unhurt.

A truck cleaner was seriously injured in the accident said the Cyberabad Traffic Police while sharing the video. According to the Times of India, both the truck drivers were also hurt, and the motorist was booked by the police in a case of negligence, for triggering the accident, under Section 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others) of the IPC (Indian Penal Code). Police also said that the bike rider had been identified and detained. 

Recently, another accident in the city was caught on camera, the driver of a motorcycle and a pedestrian were injured as the bike struck the pedestrian and was propelled over the median. Police said that the motorist was speeding and not wearing a helmet, while the pedestrian seemed to have been crossing the road without paying attention to traffic. The accident occurred near the Chintal bus stop in Medchal in February. Police booked a case of negligence against both the motorist and the pedestrian. 

And earlier this month, two young men working as AC technicians in Hyderabad were seen falling off their bikes as the refrigerant gas cylinder they were carrying suddenly exploded. CCTV footage showed the two men being propelled off their bike, which moved ahead on its own for a few metres before crashing. 

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