How the Hyderabad police reunited two daughters with their mother after nearly three decades

Nazia's husband had arbitrarily divorced her, took away her daughters from her and forced her to return to India.
How the Hyderabad police reunited two daughters with their mother after nearly three decades
How the Hyderabad police reunited two daughters with their mother after nearly three decades
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Seven months ago, two UAE-based sisters landed in Hyderabad with an old photograph of their mother and a suitcase full of hope.

Ayesha Rashed eid Obaid (29) and Fatima Rasheed eid Obaid (26), who had been separated from their mother Nazia Begum (60), had come to India looking for her.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, the Deputy Commissioner’s office at Purani Haveli was a sight of tight embraces and happy tears.

The Hyderabad City Police had reunited Ayesha and Fatima with their mother; months of effort they had put into tracing Nazia had finally bore fruit.

In January, the two sisters approached V Satyanarayana, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police (south zone) Hyderabad city, with a photograph of Nazia and a request to look for her.

Nazia, who hails from Santoshnagar in the city, was married to a UAE national Rasheed Eid Obaid Rifaq Masmari in the 1980s. 

After a few years of marriage, she moved to the United Arab Emirates to live with her husband. Rasheed however already had another wife there and Nazia had to face several problems after she moved in with them. 

She however lived there for around four years and gave birth to their two daughters, after which Rasheed arbitrarily divorced her and forced her to return to India. If that was not enough, he also took away her daughters from her. 

Nazia and her family could not do much then since they were neither educated, nor were they affluent. After two years, Nazia was married to a fruit vendor from Bidar in Karnataka, with whom she has two sons and a daughter. 

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On receiving the request, the police instantly got to work. Pamphlets and posters were circulated across the south zone, the media was requested to air the plight of Ayesha and Fatima, and K Babu Rao, Addl. DCP., South Zone also met old qazis and shadi khanas’ with available material looking for clues.

They hit upon a small lead, and two special teams were deputed to locate Nazia. Their hard-work of six months was successful on Thursday last when they finally found her.

According to the police, Nazia had thin memories of her daughters as she had seen them nearly three decades ago. All she could remember was that her younger daughter had six fingers. The cops cross checked the identity mark and once that was confirmed, a meeting was arranged this week.

On Tuesday evening Ayesha, her husband, their 10-year-old son and Fatima arrived at the Deputy Commissioner's office. As the sisters' eyes fell on the ordinarily dressed elderly woman in the room, years of pent up emotions broke free in that moment.

The women embraced each other for about ten minutes as tears rolled down their eyes.  

“We never thought we would meet our mother in our lifetime. Allah had fixed the meeting and we are glad that we got to see our mother after 28 long years,” Ayesha and Fatima said.

Speaking to The News Minute, K Babu Rao said, “I feel its more about humanity. Seeing them happy, we felt double happy. I cannot forget the moment when the mother and her daughters met after nearly 30 years."

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