'Not difficult to discuss politics with Rajinikanth,' says Kamal Haasan

The actor also said he will not enter politics in haste.
'Not difficult to discuss politics with Rajinikanth,' says Kamal Haasan
'Not difficult to discuss politics with Rajinikanth,' says Kamal Haasan
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That Kamal Hassan can't stop talking about his speculated political plunge, is no secret. The actor is being seen as competition for Rajinikanth, who has given numerous hints of an entry into public life over the last three decades.

On Friday, however, when the Ulaganayagan was asked if he would invite Rajinikanth to the party he was planning to launch, Kamal said it was not difficult for him to discuss politics with him. "I will talk to him like I talk to you. I will talk to everybody."

The statement was made at an event in Chennai and has once again set off talk about when Kamal Haasan would launch his political outfit.

"I will not launch a political party in haste. But you are the ones who should call me. You are the ones who should accept me and decide. You should decide on when I should come and there need not be any timeframe," he said, noting that he will not look for an auspicious date to launch his party. 

When asked which school of political ideology he will adopt, the actor said, "I will take good points from Gandhian, Marxism and Periyar way of thoughts. You give me ideas and I am ready to walk along with you."

When asked why he went to visit Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan rather than meeting the TN CM, Kamal said he went to Kerala as a "political tourist" given the state's high literacy rate. Taking a dig at the ruling AIADMK, the actor added, "I wanted to meet the CM in Tamil Nadu but by the time I reach Fort St George, the CM may change."  

The timing of his statements have come under scrutiny before. But the actor is unfazed. He claims that nobody had questioned the government when Jayalalithaa was in power but he had, during the floods and consequentially received several threats.

Having hit out at corruption in the state, the actor emphasised that he is not entering politics to make earn money. "I am not planning to enter politics to make money for my great granddaughter," he said. 

Kamal Haasan has been flooding social media with politically coloured tweets targeting the AIADMK government.

In an interview to The Quint, he said that he is thinking of launching his own political political party. "Yes, I am thinking on those lines, not out of choice but compulsion. Which existent political party can provide me with a platform or an ideology that will match my reformatory goals in politics?" he said.

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