Watch: Karthik gets 'baby zoned' by Jessie in Gautham Menon's short film

Karthik calls Jessie to get past his creative crisis and the two catch up once again.
Simbu and Trisha
Simbu and Trisha
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When Gautham Vasudev Menon and Trisha released a teaser from their upcoming, remotely-shot short film (for now), Vinnaithandi Varuvaya fans were only too eager to know what happened to Karthik and Jessie. Now with Karthik Dial Seytha Yenn, that wish has come true -- invoking nostalgia in some, disappointing others and making some others go, EH?

In 2010, the year VTV released, we were in a world where the novel coronavirus was a decade away. The last time we saw them together, Karthik and Jessie were standing outside a movie theatre. talking about Karthik’s film that had just been released.

Now in the year 2020, Karthik and Jessie have their separate lives and yet the two ex-lovers, we learn, have kept in touch. Karthik is in his workspace, trying very hard to type the first sentence of his next script. “Divya brushes her teeth”, he begins and then gets frustrated.

While Karthik is clearly dealing with a creative block, Jessie is in Kerala, spending time with her family, having reunited with her elder sister with whom Jessie’s family had broken ties earlier for marrying someone she loved.

Karthik tracks down Jessie and turns to her while dealing with his creative crisis (we think he could have tried coffee first before getting super creepy, but never mind).

The dialogues are of current times. Jessie talks about her husband Roy who is volunteering during the crisis and her twins who are a handful at home. She also says they chose to come back to Kerala from New York, appreciating the former for having successfully dealt with the virus.

But, Karthik isn't interested in all this small talk. “I need you. I want you. I need your love,” Karthik pleads to her over the phone. A few more dialogues, of wanting to live on her feet (uh?) and Kathik’s back to being the man who could not live without Jessie and her love.

Jessie, on the other hand, deals with Karthik’s outbursts calmly, like she always did. “You are like a child to me, my third child,” she says, and we predict #BabyZone will become the next biggest trend in relationships. Can you blame Jessie though?

Simbu and Trisha deftly breathe life into Karthik and Jessie. With just their manner of speaking and facial expressions, we are taken back to 10 years ago when they experienced their love and heartbreak. The film ends on a note that suggests Karthik may move on. We sure hope so. Demanding the time and attention of your ex because of some crisis you're going through is so last century, Karthik.

Interestingly, the script that Karthik is writing is titled 'Kamal and Kadambari', a script that Gautham Menon is supposedly working on for a film with Suriya.

Presented jointly by Dr Ishari K Ganesh and Gautham Menon’s Ondraga Entertainment,  A R Rahman has composed the background score for this 12-minute short film. ARR has looked no further than his own family for vocals in this short. Amina Rafiq, Khatija Rahman and Rahema Rahman have sung for the film. 

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