No surge in kidnapping of children in north Chennai: TN Fact Check Unit

The TN Fact Check Unit urged citizens to reach out to the police through the helpline numbers 100 and 102 to get assistance round the clock.
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After videos and misleading information of a group of people kidnapping children in north Chennai surfaced on social media platforms including Whatsapp, the Tamil Nadu Fact Check Unit called the information false and baseless. It has warned that those who spread such fake news will face legal actions.  

In a press release on Saturday, February 17, Tamil Nadu Fact Check Unit said it noticed the  rumours on social media platforms regarding attempts to kidnap children by a group of persons in the city, especially in north Chennai. According to the press release, the Greater Chennai Police (GCP) confirmed that the rumours are baseless and spread with the intention of creating fear and panic among citizens and to disturb the social fabric. 

The Fact Check Unit also mentioned that GCP urged the people to not worry and panic over such fake videos and messages and urged the citizens to contact the helpline numbers 100 or 112 in order to get assistance. The press release also reiterated that GCP is committed to being available for such assistance at all times. The press release also warned that rumour-mongers would face severe legal actions if they failed to desist from spreading the fake information and videos among the citizens. 

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