Milk quality of 3 private companies substandard, TN Dairy Minister tells Madras HC

The case has been adjourned till August 1.
Milk quality of 3 private companies substandard, TN Dairy Minister tells Madras HC
Milk quality of 3 private companies substandard, TN Dairy Minister tells Madras HC
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Three days after the Madras High Court ordered an interim stay on the Tamil Nadu government testing milk of two private companies, Dairy Minister KR Rajenthra Bhalaji told the court on Friday that the quality of milk supplied by three private companies is substandard.

Rajenthra Bhalaji said that the milk produced by three companies, namely, Dodla, Arokya and Vijay, were of substandard quality. 

He also produced certificate of analysis issued by the Referral Food Laboratory in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. 

A New Indian Express report said the certificate stated that the samples of milk drawn from the three companies were tested between July 18 and July 26 and it was found substandard under Section 3 (1) (zx) of the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006.

Moreover, the milk quality does not conform to the standards laid down under Regulation No. 2.1.1:1 of the Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011 as they showed fat content below the minimum prescribed limit, reported TNIE.

This comes after three private milk companies, Hatsun Agro Product Ltd, Dodla Dairy Ltd and Vijay Dairy, had filed a civil case in the Madras High Court against Rajenthra Bhalaji for making allegations without evidence that private milk companies are selling adulterated milk. 

They stated in the petition that his allegations have caused damage to their companies and demanded a compensation of Rs. 1 crore each.

The minister also said that the case was filed by the three companies to blackmail him. The case was adjourned till August 1.

Earlier this month, the Madras High Court had told minister Rajenthra Bhalaji not to make allegations against private companies without substantiation. 

On May 24, 2017, Rajenthra Bhalaji had made serious allegations against the private milk companies claiming that they sell adulterated milk which was the cause of cancer in many children. 

The minister said, “Milk sold by private dealers is definitely adulterated. The milk that is banned in Kerala is being sold in Tamil Nadu according to my investigation.”

He further made an astounding declaration that private companies were "turning curd back into milk using chemicals.”

He had also said that milk samples from private companies showed the presence of formaldehyde, a chemical which is used to preserve bodies from decaying. 

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