Juvenile stalker stabs 17-yr-old in TN for refusing his advances

The 17-year-old boy stopped the girl in the middle of the street, got into an argument with her, and stabbed her when she rejected him.
Juvenile stalker stabs 17-yr-old in TN for refusing his advances
Juvenile stalker stabs 17-yr-old in TN for refusing his advances
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A 17-year-old Tamil Nadu girl is in the hospital in a critical condition, because yet another boy could not handle rejection. Meriam*, a college student, was stabbed in broad daylight by 17-year-old John* in Vellore’s Vaniyambadi, after she rejected his advances.

Meriam and John have known each other for a while, and used to message each other until Meriam’s parents found out. They warned their daughter against getting involved with the boy.

Heeding the advice of her parents, Meriam in turn cut off all contact with John. However, the boy would not take no for answer and turned stalker soon after.

Speaking to TNM from the hospital, Meriam’s father said, “He used to come home and harass her. Since they are students, we informed his mother. I told his mother that the next time he does something like this, we will warn him directly. He would create a scene in front of the house when I was not at home. He would use bad language and yell at her. On her way to and from college, he would try and stop her. If she didn’t stop, he would start abusing her.”

A source at the Vaniyambadi police station said, “Both families had warned their respective wards. The girl decided to cut off contact with him completely. The boy was enraged by this. So he decided to do this.”

On her way back home from college on Monday, John stopped Meriam, a first year Business Administration student at a private college, and demanded she reciprocate his feelings. When she refused, an argument ensued. John suddenly wielded a knife and stabbed Meriam on her thighs and ears.

John fled the scene while Meriam was rushed to the hospital. The Vaniyambadi police is on the lookout for John.

The Vaniyambadi police have a registered a case under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code which deals with Attempt to Murder.

“Right now our priority is to save her life and bring her back home,” Meriam’s father said. “Only after that we can think of anything else. She is unable to eat anything. She is vomiting blood. She is traumatised and is constantly scared. She is still bleeding,” he said.

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