Former AIADMK secretary AV Raju makes offensive remarks against actor

AV Raju made several triggering allegations regarding AIADMK ex-MLA G Venkatachalam including that he paid Rs 25 lakh to a popular woman actor for sexual favours.
Former AIADMK Salem West Union secretary AV Raju
Former AIADMK Salem West Union secretary AV Raju
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The sexist comments made by former AIADMK Salem West Union secretary AV Raju regarding women actors being brought to entertain MLAs at the Golden Bay Koovathur resort in 2017 has led to widespread outrage. Raju also went on to specifically mention the name of one of the women actors. He alleged that the said actor was paid Rs 25 lakhs. Raju’s objectionable comments come a day after he was stripped of his post and removed from the party. 

Earlier on February 17, Raju had alleged that AIADMK ex-MLA G Venkatachalam had cheated him of more than Rs 40 lakh, leading to his removal from the party. A day after being evicted from the party, Raju made sensational allegations against Venkatachalam casting aspersions on his character. In a press meet, Raju alleged Venkatachalam had paid Rs 25 lakh to the woman actor for coming to the Golden Bay resort. The actor seems to have been made collateral damage in what appears to be an escalating feud between Raju and the AIADMK. 

Raju goes on to make even more triggering comments in the clip. He says that Venkatachalam only wanted “a very young girl” and that the disturbing reason that he allegedly gave was that “This is the one thing he couldn’t enjoy in life.”

Raju had earlier alleged that Venkatachalam had taken Rs 40 lakhs from him to procure jobs for four acquaintances of his. He went on to say that Venkatachalam had neither procured the jobs for him nor returned the money.

During the offensive press meet on February 18, he also alleged that Venkatachalam had disproportionate assets worth Rs 1000 crore. Further, responding to his expulsion from the party, he said that the AIADMK general secretary was not aware of the party’s bylaws and claimed that his removal from the party was invalid. 

Meanwhile, the release of the offensive portion of his speech has led to widespread outrage. 

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