Cops tried to bribe me, I threw out suitcase: Justice Chandru interview on Jai Bhim

In an interview with TNM, Justice Chandru speaks about the twists and turns in the real life case that inspired Suriya's 'Jai Bhim'.
Collage of actor Suriya from Jai Bhim film and Justice K Chandru
Collage of actor Suriya from Jai Bhim film and Justice K Chandru
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Jai Bhim, directed by TJ Gnanavel, with Suriya, Lijomol Jose and Manikandan in the lead, was released on Amazon Prime Video on November 2. The film is based on a real life case that retired Madras High Court judge K Chandru fought in the '90s.

In the film, Rajakannu, a man belonging to the Irular tribe, is arrested on false charges of theft, along with two other male relatives. What follows is a horrific saga of custodial torture and a landmark legal battle led by his wife Senganni (in real life, Parvathi) and lawyer Chandru. The film has won near unanimous positive reviews and word of mouth.

In an interview with TNM, Justice Chandru revealed the various twists and turns in the case, and how he had to turn into an investigator during its course to establish foul play on part of the police. Rajakannu was deemed to have escaped custody but was found nowhere by his family, leading them to believe that the worst had taken place. Though the film has extensive scenes of custodial violence that may make a viewer question if it has been exaggerated, Justice Chandru says that apart from a few cinematic liberties, the film has stayed true to the facts and the backbone is intact. Noting that the police not only tried to bribe Rajakannu's wife but also him, Justice Chandru says that he had to throw them out of his office.

He also underlines the crucial role played by the judges in the case, and talks about custodial violence and why the public should not be glorifying police encounters.

Apart from Jai Bhim, he also discusses the government's delay on the caste census, his views on the sedition law and state surveillance in the light of the Pegasus controversy.

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