Chennai's COVID-19 cases reduce marginally but Madurai's continue to rise

Madurai reported 308 new COVID-19 cases on July 5. Madurai presently has 2,975 active COVID-19 cases.
COVID-19 sample retrieval Chennai
COVID-19 sample retrieval Chennai
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On July 5, Tamil Nadu reported 4,150 new COVID-19 cases and discharged 2,186 patients who were undergoing treatment from its hospitals. The state presently has 46,860 active patients of COVID-19 of which 24,890 are in its capital city, Chennai. As of July 5, 62,778 patients have been discharged in the state.

Chennai that has been reporting high numbers daily, reported 1,713 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, and this is lesser than its usual high. Madurai, however, continues to rise, reporting 308 new COVID-19 cases on July 5. Madurai presently has 2,975 active COVID-19 cases. Among Chennai’s neighbours, Chengalpattu has 3,068 active cases, Kancheepuram has 1,531 active cases and Thiruvallur has 1,650 active COVID-19 cases. Other districts with over 1000 active COVID-19 patients are Thiruvannamalai with 1,342 and Vellore with 1,347 patients.

On Sunday, the deaths of 60 persons were added to the state's COVID-19 death list and this includes three persons who died without having reported any comorbid conditions. Twenty of the 60 fatalities are patients from Chennai, followed by 10 patients from Thiruvallur. Tamil Nadu has reported 1,510 COVID-19 deaths in all, the highest coming from Chennai which has 1,054 fatalities.

A 57-year-old man from Chengalpattu without any comorbid conditions died on July 4 at Chengalpattu Medical College Hospital while a 59-year-old man and a 48-year-old man from Chennai, both without any comorbid conditions, died on July 3 at Omandurar Hospital and Stanley Hospital respectively. While the patient at Chengalpattu tested positive for the virus on July 3 and passed away the next day, the two patients from Chennai were under treatment since June 18 and June 30 respectively.

So far 3,858 persons who came into the state have tested positive for novel coronavirus SARS CoV2, and the highest is by persons who came in via bus or private vehicle - 2,613. 

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