Bye Bye Rs 120: TN govt hikes cinema ticket prices, here's what you need to know

The GO comes after the Producers' Council decided not to release any new Tamil film from October 6.
Bye Bye Rs 120: TN govt hikes cinema ticket prices, here's what you need to know
Bye Bye Rs 120: TN govt hikes cinema ticket prices, here's what you need to know
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Movie lovers in Tamil Nadu will now have to shell out more money to watch a film. This, after the Tamil Nadu government issued an order increasing the fare across the state.

As per the orders issued by Home (Cinema) Department, the government has decided to increase the base fare of ticket prices in multiplexes which have more than three screens and other facilities like airconditioning, family entertainment and restaurant facilities, to Rs 150. 

The minimum fare of Rs 10 has now been hiked to Rs 15. 

Other multiplexes with two theatres and lesser facilities in various zones will be allowed to charge a base rate between Rs 106.30 and Rs 118.80, according to their grades. 

A GST of 28% will then be added to this base rate. 

This means that watching a film in the larger multiplexes will now cost Rs 192. This amount does not include convenience fee charged for online bookings.

Previously, the Tamil Nadu government had capped ticket prices at Rs 120.

The revision of ticket rates comes just days after the Tamil Film Producers’ Council had decided not to release new Tamil films from October 6, following the imposition of a 10% local body entertainment tax, over and above the GST. Among the films stalled were Dulquer Salmaan’s Solo and Dhansika’s Vizhithiru.

The decision to revise ticket fares follows a High Level Committee Meeting that included officials from the government and representatives from the Tamil Film Chamber of Commerce, and the Tamil Film Producers' Council.

“During the High Level Committee Meeting, the representatives from various associations from the cinema industry have represented that the film industry is facing lots of difficulties due to video piracy, increase in the expenses in running the theatres and filmmaking and enhancement of entertainment tax from 20% to 30%. The Associations have further stated that in view of introduction and enforcement of Goods and Services Tax, they will not be in a position to make films and to operate the cinema theatres at the existing rates of admission and many theatres are being closed in view of increase in the expenditure and incurring losses. The Cinema Associations have therefore requested the Government to revise the rates of admission to the cinema theatres in Tamil Nadu,” stated the GO.

While the associations had proposed increasing the ticket prices at multiplexes in Chennai to Rs 160, and other cities to Rs 140, the government order states that “in the interest of public welfare, livelihood of the film industry and the financial situation of the state, the ticket prices may be increased by 25% over the existing base price.” 

The ticket rates will increase from October 9.

However, Abhirami Ramanathan, President of Tamil Film Chamber of Commerce, said that the associations will hold a review meeting on Tuesday over the ticket prices and that negotiations with the government are likely to continue. 

Tamil Nadu has had a cap on its ticket rates for years now, with multiplexes and theatres forced to earn revenue on food and beverages.  The last time cinema ticket prices were revised was in 2007.

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