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Chennai Swiggy order 'picked up' from Rajasthan? Twitter has a laugh

Twitter user Bhargav wrote to Swiggy and the food delivery app got back to him with a witty response.

Just 90s kids myths: Twitter remembers ‘plant growing in tummy’ to ‘eyelash wish’ era

The hashtag ‘90s kids rumours’ on Twitter has many adults reminiscing about all the myths they used to believe in.

‘Plagiarism at its best’: Outrage after US mag calls pranayama ‘cardiac coherence breathing’

“It's taking the West a few millennia to learn what our ancients taught us millennia ago,” Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said.

Me, The Change: What are India’s young women voters anxious about?

The survey looks at what 5,000 first-time women voters across 10 states think about access to health, education and personal freedom.

Me, The Change: TN woman Pachayammal’s journey from bonded labourer to saviour

Pachayammal was rescued when she was 23 and freedom changed her in ways no one imagined.

Gillette's ad on toxic masculinity and ‘Me Too’ draws praise and criticism on social media

The advert takes Gillette’s longtime slogan, “The Best a Man Can Get” and turns it into “The Best Men Can Be.”

Me, The Change: Mariam Rauf’s fight against child sexual abuse in Kerala schools

Twenty-two-year-old Mariam Rauf is a Personal Safety Educator. Apart from sex education, she also teaches students about body safety.

Watch: Kochi Metro staff shake a leg in this fun New Year video

In the short video, you see all the staff take a break from work to dance or tap their feet to convey positivity and celebrate the successes of the past year.

Me, The Change: Don’t mess with 20-year-old wrestler Pincky Balhara

Pincky Balhara won a lot of accolades for her victory at the 2018 Asian Games but behind the silver’s shine lay a difficult personal struggle.

Me, The Change campaign: Have you met 2019 elections’ queenmakers?

The 2019 Lok Sabha elections are set to be a turning point in India’s history. Meet the first-time woman voter.