Why a secure digital identity system is needed, here are the benefits

Given the growing volume of high profile data breaches over recent years, people are appreciating just how vulnerable their data is.

Microsoft builds digital solution for CBSE to prevent paper leaks

This comes against the backdrop of leak of class 10 maths paper and class 12 economics paper this year.

The Taj Mahal is wasting away, and it may soon hit the point of no return

Condemning the “lethargy” of restoration efforts, India’s Supreme Court recently told the government to restore the Taj or demolish it.

Why NASA's Parker Solar Probe won't melt

The spacecraft will travel through material with temperatures greater than several million degrees Celsius while being bombarded with intense sunlight.

Veteran politician and former Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee passes away at 89

As per reports, Somnath Chatterjee had suffered a heart attack on August 7 and was put on ventilator support.

India to launch 2 space missions every month for the next 16 months

In all, ISRO is looking at 31 space missions in a span of 16 months starting September 2018 to December next year.

India's next mission to moon in January, with lander and rover

The Rs 800-crore lunar mission named "Chandrayaan-2" comes over a decade after India went up to the lunar orbit in November 8, 2008.

‘Asked to bend, they choose to crawl!’: Cartoonist slams Mail Today for censorship

“I have been battling to protect my freedom, to protect the sanctity of a cartoon column, for many days,” Satish Acharya writes – and explains why his column finally stopped.

Nobel Prize winner for Literature, VS Naipaul passes away

His wife, Lady Naipaul, said in a statement that "he died surrounded by all the people he loved, having lived a life full of wonderful creativity and effort."

Kamal Haasan, Vijay TV donate Rs 25 lakh each for Kerala floods

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan confirmed that the actor and the Tamil channel have contributed to the CM’s relief fund.