Kochi dog owner arrested for dragging pet dog for 500 mts behind car

The incident came to light after a person filmed the incident.
dog tied to a car and dragged
dog tied to a car and dragged
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In a shocking incident, a man tied a dog to the boot of a moving car using a rope, and dragged it along the road for about 500 metres before abandoning it in Chalakka, near Athani in Kerala's Ernakulam district, on Friday morning. The incident was noticed by a passenger on a two-wheeler, Akhil K S, who captured the incident on video and later intervened. 

Akhil got the driver of the car to stop, and protested the cruelty. Following an argument, the car owner untied the dog and drove away, leaving the injured animal on the road.

Speaking to TNM, Akhil said, “The incident occurred around 11.30 am. I was on my way to conduct a COVID-19 RTPCR test at Chakka Sree Narayana Medical College. On the way, I noticed a dog running on the road. When my vehicle got closer, I realised that the dog was tied to a car and was being dragged on the road. Then I captured the visual and moved towards the vehicle. “

Akhil continued, “After riding for several meters, I wondered why the man was dragging the dog on the road. Then I turned around and blocked the car, and told the driver that the dog will die. But the man behaved rudely and asked me why I should be bothered even if the dog dies. Then he released the rope and freed the dog. I then informed the issue to Daya Animal Welfare Organisation. At 3 pm, Daya Vice President Krishnan and I started searching for the dog, and after three hours, we found it in a paddy filed. Then we admitted it at the Paravoor Veterinary Hospital, where veterinary doctor Chandrakanth provided immediate treatment and saved the dog's life.”

Krishnan PJ, Vice President of Daya Animal Welfare Organisation, told TNM, “After we heard about the incident, we reached the spot and found the dog in a paddy filed near the area. Many injury marks were found on its body, and we immediately shifted to the hospital. After the treatment, the condition of the animal is better." He added, “According to local residents, the dog was dragged for nearly three kilometres on the road. After its health condition imporved, the dog gave me a handshake and it was a proud moment for me. Now the dog is under the protection of our organisation, and further decisions will be taken soon.”

After Akhil posted the video of the cruelty, police took notice of the incident and later arrested Yusuf, 62, a taxi driver of Konnam House, Chalakka. Chengamanad police have registered case against the accused under sections 428, 429 of IPC and 11(1) (a) (d)(f) of the Prevention of Cruelties Against Animals Act. According to police, as per the direction from transport Minister AK Saseendran, the motor vehicle department seized Yusuf's car and handed it over to the police. The motor vehicle department also decided to cancel Yusuf's driver's licence.

According to Yusuf, he was forced to abandon the dog, which was not liked by other members of his family.

(With inputs from Sandeep and IANS)

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