Dog that was dragged on road in Kerala is now recovering at animal welfare org

"The cruelty was not just one day’s. The dog was not given food for some time and hence her health is weak'.
A dog with a rescuer
A dog with a rescuer
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After facing a very difficult and challenging day on Friday, the dog that was cruelly tied to the trunk of a man’s car and dragged on the road in Chalakka in Kerala’s Ernakulam district, was sleeping when TNM called on Saturday. She is still weak and not in the best condition. “But she ate food and is sleeping. She is a very gentle dog and seems pretty comfortable here,” Krishnan TJ , Vice-President of Daya, an Animal Welfare Organisation, said.

On Friday morning, a video showing the cruelty of a man dragging a dog from the boot of his car was circulating online. Akhil KS, who was travelling on a two-wheeler in Chalakka in Kerala’s Ernakulam district, saw the dog being dragged and took the video, before confronting the man. After Akhil posted the video online, the police took notice of it and arrested Yusuf, a 62-year-old taxi driver. Yusuf’s vehicle was also seized, and his driver’s licence was cancelled.

After witnessing the incident, Akhil called Daya. Krishnan  accompanied Akhil in search of the dog, which they found in a nearby paddy field after three hours. The dog was then taken to the Paravoor Veterinary Hospital, where it was discovered that the dog is a four-year-old female. However, though the dog received immediate care and is now safe, her health is not in a good condition.

"The cruelty was not just one day’s. The dog was not given food for some time and hence her health is weak. The dog is still sore from being dragged on the road. The veterinarian, Dr Chandrakanth, gave her the primary treatment. But we are taking her to one more veterinarian for further treatment at Thripunithura,” Krishnan said. Daya has still not decided has not yet decided on whether they will shelter the dog or send her to another welfare organisation. However, their priority at the moment is to help her regain her strength, and an executive committee of Daya will later decide her situation.  

According to Krishnan, the dog was not alone at the time of her rescue. At first, Akhil only noticed the cruelty being inflicted on her because of another male dog who was chasing her on the street. “From where the male dog chased the dog, we don’t know. But the animal was there till the female dog was rescued. At first the male dog was aggressive towards us, but later it must have figured it our mission. The male dog left the place after we took the female dog with us,” Krishnan said.

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