Bengaluru’s Jayadeva flyover demolition causes traffic nightmare, commuters vent out

The demolition work, which began on Monday, is expected to take 90 days to complete.
Bengaluru’s Jayadeva flyover demolition causes traffic nightmare, commuters vent out
Bengaluru’s Jayadeva flyover demolition causes traffic nightmare, commuters vent out

Work to demolish the Jayadeva flyover, which connects south Bengaluru to the Central Silk Board and the IT corridor, began on Monday and is expected to take 90 days. With traffic restrictions and diversion in place, the demolition has caused a traffic nightmare for commuters.

Bengalurueans took to Twitter to vent their ire at the Bengaluru’s Metro, the police, and whoever else they thought was responsible for causing the traffic mess. Commuters complained bitterly about their plight, alleging massive mismanagement of the traffic passing by Jayadeva flyover, and hit out at the non-coordination between civic officials. The alternative route, Dairy Circle to Hosur Road, is yet to complete white-topping, resulting in more traffic jams.

One user complained of how he couldn’t even walk because there was no space on the road.

“2.5 km jam from HSR to BTM via Silk Board towards Jayadeva. I got off at HSR to walk from HSR to BTM but there is no space to even walk.”

Another road user complained about lack of planning on the part of authorities.

 “@BBMPCOMM @blrcitytraffic  Pathetic people you are. No proper planning. Make common people suffer. Couldn't you have finished white topping on dairy circle stretch before taking up demolition of jayadeva flyover. My wife left office at Bellandur at 5.30pm in ORRCA bus (1/n)

She has still not reached home in Banashankari and stuck somewhere around silkboard. Her phone battery has died. Due to improper planning by you people we common people are made to suffer. Don't give that std reply jayadeva flyover demolition is in progress. (2/n)”

Others have resorted to humour to cope with the infamous Bengaluru traffic.

 “@blrcitytraffic  @BBMPCOMM  Please pass on our sincere appreciation to the hardworking, highly competent officers who had this bright idea of beginning the demolition of jayadeva flyover during a weekday evening. Has converted the ORR into a necklace road studded with rubies”

Another person joked, “I have vowed not to sleep even in the direction of Jayadeva flyover till metro starts running”.

Meanwhile, the official Namma Metro Twitter handle responded in a tongue-in-cheek manner to the public backlash on the microblogging platform, stating, “There is no single bullet to city problems. Every stake holder is doing their best to resolve the problems of the citizens. Today’s inconvenience is for a better tomorrow. Criticism and suggestions are take equally to resolve the issues.”

In other words, they gave irate commuters the classic Kannada response to any kind of inconvenience: “Swalpa adjust maadi!” (Please adjust a little).

Commuters, however, were having none of that. People lashed out in the replies.

The four-lane Jayadeva flyover is being demolished to make way for an elevated corridor-cum-metro line. As, the demolition works is being carried out at night, it is expected to take 90 days for the entire flyover to be razed.  

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