Articles by Haritha John

The food grains were an additional allocation as requested by the Chief Minister of Kerala in 2018, as relief to the flood affected families.
Saturday, November 26, 2022 - 18:07
The outrageous claims of Kreupasanam newspaper being put to miracle work resulted in many hilarious memes—one of them was about a lizard that metamorphosed into a dinosaur after it fell on it.
Wednesday, November 23, 2022 - 11:58
Representatives of two branches of the Travancore royal family – the rulers of the erstwhile Travancore state – drawing lineage from two maharanis, a senior and a junior, have set their eyes on prime real estate in Delhi.
Saturday, November 12, 2022 - 13:12
Following the assault, Nihal, an undergraduate student of Commerce at MET College in Kozhikode district's Kallachi, is in severe pain and has trouble hearing.
Wednesday, November 2, 2022 - 12:35
According to the police, Greeshma has admitted that she mixed poison in an Ayruvedic concoction she gave to Sharon Raj because he was not ready for a breakup.
Sunday, October 30, 2022 - 21:48
Samples have been sent for some chemical tests, and the exact cause of Sharon’s death can be known only after the results arrive, the Thiruvananthapuram Rural District Police Chief said at a press meet.
Sunday, October 30, 2022 - 17:02
The employees from Thiruvananthapuram office are not convinced with the communication from Byju’s as around 70 staff already put in their papers due to their pressure.
Saturday, October 29, 2022 - 12:52
According to a friend of the deceased, the girl had given him some drinks, after which he started vomiting continuously. He died 11 days later due to organ failure.
Friday, October 28, 2022 - 19:37
Hours after the meeting with the minister, on the night of October 25, Byju’s company management which had so far stonewalled the employees, sent a ‘reconciliatory’ email to them.
Thursday, October 27, 2022 - 13:16
Hundreds of ‘tourists’ throng Bhagaval Singh and Laila's house in Elanthoor, which now has eateries around it and auto drivers offering special tours.
Wednesday, October 19, 2022 - 20:30