Articles by Haripriya Suresh

The university system has over 23 campuses and eight off-campus centres, with over 4.85 lakh students as well as 55,000 faculty and staff.
Friday, January 21, 2022 - 22:17
The number of senior women executives at TCS has gone up by 68% in the last five years, the company said.
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 - 20:47
Wipro said it expects revenue from the IT services business to see sequential growth of 2-4%.
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 - 17:39
The complainants alleged that because of “unilateral, arbitrary and unfair decisions” of Google, they have to suffer a loss of ad revenue.
Saturday, January 8, 2022 - 09:23
The rationale behind night curfews has also been questioned as events continue to take place during the day.
Wednesday, December 29, 2021 - 18:58
The drug, Zolgensma, can only be administered to children below the age of two to arrest the progression of type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).
Monday, December 20, 2021 - 17:33
The report added that as per HCL’s own calculations in the internal document that was revealed in the lawsuit, it allegedly “systematically” pays H-1B workers less than US workers.
Monday, December 13, 2021 - 18:10
What started as security concerns led to some ‘eager policing’, and ultimately, a police city that scoffs at citizens’ privacy.
Tuesday, December 7, 2021 - 17:49
A Bill to regulate private cryptocurrency in India has led to some frenzy among those who invested in the digital currency. Here's an explainer on what the new Bill is and why there is panic
Wednesday, November 24, 2021 - 20:20
The listing at a discount ran contrary to the trend of IPOs of India’s internet startups, many of whom have seen blockbuster listings.
Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 15:25