Taking a good, hard look at DMDK's poll promises.

You wont believe the absurd promises Vijayakant made in his manifesto
news TN 2016 Sunday, April 17, 2016 - 19:08

The latest list of promises in the DMDK poll manifesto were released, and many have taken to social media to criticise the bordering-on-absurd poll promises.In a Facebook post, political analyst Sumanth Raman took a good, hard look at these absurd promises:

Petrol price will be fixed at Rs.45/- and Diesel price at Rs.35/-

For how long? State Govt.can waive tax but cannot control price beyond that unless they pay oil companies the balance.

5000 farmers will be taken abroad every year to learn latest techniques in farming. 

Wouldn't it be easier to get experts from abroad to teach many more farmers here?

Shops like Nallis and Pothys (mentioned by name) will be given permission to open in other states and other countries.

The manifesto actually says this. BTW why do they need State Govt. permission to open in other countries or states?

Govt. will work with private sector in manufacturing biscuits, software, bricks,cooking oil etc. and then Govt. will fix the price at which all these are to be sold.

I particularly liked the bit about Govt. getting into the software business and fixing the price. 

Govt. will get firms like L&T(again mentioned by name) to build houses for people at concessional rates of from Rs.2000 to 5000 per sq ft.

Yes you heard it right, Rs.5000 per sq.ft. What are they building, a 5 star hotel?

Ration items from the ration shops will be delivered to peoples homes.

Toll at toll plazas will be halved. If required State Govt. will nationalize Toll Companies.

The toll Companies are contracted with the NHAI which is under Govt of India. How can they be nationalized by a State Govt?

8.1000 girls schools will be converted into Ladies Colleges in the evenings. By this 1 lakh women will gain employment.

That means 100 teachers per new college. From this 10 lakh new graduates will be produced each year. I am not even going into the details of this absurdity.

The Income of a family in each of the 12620 villages in the state will be increased to Rs.25000/- per month. 


Govt. will set up a shopping complex with Private participation in each Taluk. Each complex will have 200 to 500 shops and 3 to 5 theatres.

So for 224 Taluks in TN Govt, will be building upto 1120 theatres and 112000 shops.

He signs off with the reminder that the DMDK, is in fact, the third largest party in the state. 

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