Will join hands with BJP if it's good for people of TN, says Kamal Haasan

“Nothing is an untouchable in politics,” says Kamal Haasan.
Will join hands with BJP if it's good for people of TN, says Kamal Haasan
Will join hands with BJP if it's good for people of TN, says Kamal Haasan
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Three days after actor Kamal Haasan praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet initiatives including Swachh Bharat and demonetisation, he said that he would not hesitate to join hands with the BJP or any other party if something good for the people comes out of it.

He said this in an interview with Arun Ram of The Times of India.

Actor Kamal Haasan said, “Nothing is an untouchable in politics.” This comes days after he had said that saffron is not his colour following a meeting with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on September 1.

When asked if he will remain aligned to the Left, “Not necessarily. I may have to make some adjustments and come to the Centre because people matter more. I am willing to serve, but I am still cooking,” he told ToI.

When asked about joining BJP, he said that if ideas are not hindered then there can be a possibility. He added that he has to think about the welfare of the state and he is not sure if they find his ideologies comfortable.

However, he also stated that BJP is going deep right for now. “I have been vociferous against the government on things like beef. I used to eat beef, but I've stopped. That doesn't mean others shouldn't eat beef.”

In an earlier interview to India Today’s Priyamvatha P, Kamal Haasan when asked about his views on PM Modi, had stated, “He has tried while others only  promised. That is why I went across the party lines, when some of my friends who knew about my ideologies asked why did you say nice things about him. Swachh Bharat is a good idea. Demonetisation is a good idea. I am not an economist. But now there is criticism about it. Let’s see till proven guilty, we will not jump to conclusions.”

Moreover, in an interview to Times Now’s Rahul Shivshankar, he had said, “I am willing to talk to even the saffron clad people, if they are in power to help my people. I will talk but doesn’t mean I will change my ideology,” he said.

He also stated that he will be quitting acting if he “takes up a position legally,” reported ToI. “It will be painful, but I will have to do it because my commitment would be something else.”

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