Why no judicial probe on Villupuram triple suicide, asks Karunanidhi

He had earlier alleged attempts of 'cover-up' in the triple suicides
Why no judicial probe on Villupuram triple suicide, asks Karunanidhi
Why no judicial probe on Villupuram triple suicide, asks Karunanidhi
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In the wake of multiple student suicides in the state, DMK Supremo M Karunanidhi on Thursday urged students not to resort to end their lives even in extreme circumstances.

DMK chief M Karunanidhi also asked why Tamil Nadu government has not come forward to hold a judicial probe into the suicides of three students of a yoga and naturopathy college.

Referring to the recent suicides in Tamil Nadu, Karunanidhi appealed to students in a statement, "Do not shatter the confidence reposed by your family members in you." 

"Dear students, not only your country, but your parents, and siblings trust and believe you. Do not forget your family, tell me your grievances and continue with your studies," he said.

"Ensure that there is no more news of students committing suicide in Tamil Nadu, this is my humble appeal," he said, adding, like students, farmers too should avoid suicidal tendencies considering the future of their families.

"Do those in the government bother about the families of the dead students? Were they murdered or killed themselves, what is the reason for not coming forward to hold a judicial inquiry into it," he questioned.

Besides the triple suicide in Villupuram district, a nursing student of Government Stanley Medical College and Hospital and another arts college student in Thanjavur district were among those who killed themselves in Tamil Nadu.

Recalling his meeting with the mother of Priyanka - one of the three yoga and naturopathy students who had committed suicide - during his visit to Tiruvarur district, he said, "The image of that mother seeking her daughter and justice haunts me still." 

Soon after the suicide of three students, Karunanidhi had demanded a judicial probe by a sitting High Court Judge.

He had alleged attempts to 'cover-up' the deaths of Saranya, Monisha and Priyanka, who had allegedly committed suicide by jumping into a farm-well after tying themselves with dupatta on January 23.

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