PMK’s Chief Ministerial candidate says leaders like Karunanidhi should give a chance to youngsters

news TN2016 Monday, May 09, 2016 - 19:11

After piggy-backing on the strength of Dravidian parties for years, the PMK has decided to go it alone this Assembly Elections, contesting for the first time in all 234 constituencies. Its chief ministerial candidate Anbumani Ramadoss is making his first attempt at entering the Tamil Nadu Assembly. But in its effort to project itself as an alternative to the Dravidian heavyweights, will the PMK be able to shake-off its tag as a “casteist party”?    

Speaking to The News Minute, Anbumani Ramadoss denied claims of being a casteist party despite giving a ticket to Kaduvetti Guru, an MLA who has in the past been jailed for whipping up caste passions.  He said, “Guru is an MLA from my party. You can’t blame a person. Everyone throws words. You can’t attribute an incident to a person who has spoken something like that. We have been implicated for incidents were never associated with.  It’s trial by media.” The former Union Health Minister added, “PMK is definitely not a casteist party. Can anyone blame Anbumani for being casteist?  When I was a Minister, I have taken up a lot of Dalit issues. My party has worked for the welfare of Dalits issues.”

Forty-seven-year-old Anbumani also said it was time leaders like Karunanidhi retired to make way for a younger crop of politicians. “93-year-old Karunanidhiji has become the CM five times. He is desperate to be the CM sixth time also. People should retire after a point. Everyone retires at 66 or 70. Why not politicians? Let him give a chance to youngsters,” he said.  

Ramadoss also spoke at length about his plans for implementing prohibition in the state and taking on rival political groups like the People’s Welfare Front.  

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