The actor turned politician visited the injured civilians in hospital on Wednesday.

Who are you Rajinikanth trends for the wrong reasons after Thoothukudi visit
news Controversy Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 19:33

Even as Rajinikanth made news on Wednesday for visiting protesters injured at the Thoothukudi shootings that took place last week, an awkward exchange with a young man quickly became viral.

The star visited the Thoothukudi General Hospital where those who were injured in the police shootings are recovering. Even as he was meeting those in bed, one young man had strong words for the star who was visiting over a week after the tragedy.

In a video that has now gone viral, the injured man, identified as Santhosh, is seen getting up from bed as Rajinikanth approaches him. He asks the star, “Who are you?” To this, Rajinikanth replies, “It’s me, Rajinikanth.”

Speaking to Vikatan about the exchange, Santhosh reportedly said, “We have been protesting in Thoothukudi for 100 days. In all those days, actor Rajinikanth did not come to meet us or express his support for us. Several people died during the shooting that took place at the protest. Several are still in a critical stage. It's 8 days since this happened. For so many days, Rajinikanth did not open his mouth about the incident. He did not come and meet those who were affected. Why did he come today? That too, he has come after the Sterlite plant was sealed. He perhaps wouldn't have come if the Sterlite plant had not been closed. There's a big reason behind why he has come. In a few days, Kaala will release. He knows very well that if he still doesn't go and meet the people, the film will not run in Tamil Nadu. That's why he has come to meet us in Thoothukudi and say he will donate money. That's why I got angry and I asked him that question. Just as we knew how to fight and win, we also know how to protect ourselves."

Earlier in the day, Rajinikanth came under fire for stating that anti social elements had taken part in the protest and that the whole issue began with a police officer being assaulted.

When asked about Rajinikanth’s comments, Santhosh allegedly said, "Did he see that we're anti social elements? Or did he know that there were anti social elements in the protests through his seventh sense? He has the right to speak if he'd participated in the 100 day protest with us for at least one day. Rajini has no right to speak about us."

Twitterati did not spare the star with the hashtag #நான்தான்பாரஜினிகாந்த்(It’s me, Rajinikanth) trending.

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