Asking 'Yaar Ivargal', these posters with well-known faces surrounded by masked people have puzzled everyone.

Who are they Mystery posters in Chennai featuring Pa Ranjith Seeman VelmuruganTwitter
news Posters Friday, June 01, 2018 - 16:18

If you’ve been paying attention to the walls in Chennai, you might have noticed the black and white posters of Naam Tamilar Katchi leader Seeman surrounded by a group of masked youngsters. The serialised posters, which have been revealing faces one by one, also have Velmurugan of Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi and director Pa Ranjith surrounded by masked members.

These posters offer very few clues on what it could possibly mean. However, they sport powerful lines like “Is it authority or ego that is trying to oppress us?” “If you too are enraged by injustice then we are friends”, “We are the ones who work hard but you are ones who swindle us."

The posters also have the line 'Yaar Ivargal' (Who are they?) with the message that the masked friends will be introduced on June 7.

The Twitteratti is puzzled on what the posters indicate. Are they a part of some political outfit? A movement? A film? Everyone’s taking a wild guess. There are also references to the masked members being terrorists and naxalites. #yaarivargal was trending on Twitter on Friday.

Incidentally, June 7 also happens to be the release date of Ranjith’s Kaala. With the director appearing on one of the posters, a lot of people are baffled by the mystery these posters have dropped in the streets of Chennai. 

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