Ever since the CM was hospitalised, the air has been rife with predictions about her health.

When will Jayalalithaa recover Astrologers make merry as TN seeks million dollar answer
news Jayalalithaa's health Monday, October 03, 2016 - 17:58

With speculation rife about Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa’s health, astrologers are finding themselves in much demand for their predictions about what the future has in store for her.

Deccan Chronicle carried an interview with Dadhichi Toth, a Vedic astrologer and face reader from Australia, who claims that Jayalalithaa has been having health issues since 2014 and that her recent illness is because of “food or medicinal toxicity”.

He said: “She is running Sani bhukti and Guru dasa. As per her horoscope, Saturn, the sixth lord who is moving to Vrischikam in her horoscope, rules kidneys and bladder. Guru is in badaka (obstructive) position for her. Sometimes (due to such planetary positions), it could be evil eye or toxicity that could harm the native. I wonder if this has been her case.”

He further predicted: “The Lagna Lord would start bestowing good things to her… someone — a young doctor who is very good, is helping her now…there will be improvement in her health. She will come through this difficult period. She will recover and be at the helm for two years and from 2019 she may experience health issues.”

Thanthi TV interviewed astrologers in Chennai to get their predictions.

In this video, which features two astrologers, both said that the CM has fallen ill because of “Sani bukti” and assured viewers that she will recover and come back soon. They state that the current state of her health is temporary.


Another astrologer said that Jayalalithaa must place her faith in god, and that after 10.10.2016, she would be free of health issues.


 Meanwhile each day sees multiple prayers and rituals being conducted outside the gates of Apollo Hospital, where the CM is admitted.

The Hindu reports “Prayers and pujas are held regularly outside the hospital gates. For instance, early on Friday, Anbarasu, the ‘poojari’ from the Kali Bhagavathy Amman Temple in Porur presented himself outside the main entrance. He created a formation and placed ash gourd (poosanikkai) and coconuts. He then lit camphor kept on them. He picked up the ash gourd and coconuts, circled them a few times and flung them on the ground, smashing them to pieces. On Saturday morning, a priest named Alphonse Raja from Tiruchi offered to apply some oil on the CM’s head to help her recover. Sunday morning saw six individuals lighting candles outside the gate and reading from the Bible, praying for the CM’s health. AIADMK supporters smashed a pumpkin for her shortly after.”


 There are plenty of rumours about when the CM will be discharged, with some claiming that it will happen only when the stars are aligned in a suitable way.

The Tamil Nadu CM, herself, is known to be a firm believer in astrology. She has previously changed her name from Jayalalitha to Jayalalithaa for numerological reasons.


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