He has attended anti-liquor demonstrations held by PMK in the past.

What was Swami Agnivesh doing with the PMK in Tamil Nadu
news Tuesday, September 08, 2015 - 11:32

Keeping the pressure on the Tamil Nadu government to implement total alcohol prohibition in the state, the PMK has roped in social activist Swami Agnivesh to support its efforts. This is not the first time that Agnivesh, who is also a supporter of prohibition, is coming to Tamil Nadu to support PMK's call for prohibition. Leaders of the party say that he has come twice to the state earlier for anti-liquor programmes and both Ramdoss and Anbumani Ramdoss know him quite well.

Speaking at a event organized by the PMK in Chennai, the former Anna Hazare aide said that the Union government should revive the policy of providing incentives to states which have implemented prohibition.

He also asked that Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa take cue from Kerala and implement total prohibition in the state. He also said that all the 6000-odd TASMAC shops in the state selling liquor must be shut-down.

It is shameful that the government is earning revenue by selling someting that causes evils in the society, he said.

"The population of Uttar Pradesh is twice as Tamil Nadu, but the revenue generated by Uttar Pradesh from the sale of liquor is 12,000 million rupees ($179,572.32). Tamil Nadu earned 26,000 million rupees ($389,073.36). The state government should be ashamed of earning revenue at the cost of destroying homes, breaking families and causing accidents, et cetera. Such governments should be banned," said Agnivesh.

He also said, "Withdraw this anti-people policy. You are taking away mangalsutras. Tamil Nadu has the dubious distinction of having the largest number of widows due to alcoholism."