Anna University has agreed to form a five member committee to investigate into some of the accusations

We are engineers not criminals say students protesting against bizarre rules in Chennai college
news SexismInColleges Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - 18:15


“We are engineers, we are not criminals”, said one of the banners held by the students of the Sri Sai Ram Engineering College as they sat on a protest for the second day in Chennai.

More than 150 students of the college sat in protest outside the Anna University against the regressive laws of the college. With the college taking an antagonistic stand against the protest, the students had their faces covered with a piece of cloth.

Though the students were not allowed to talk to media on Wednesday, an anonymous student on Tuesday told The News Minute that they were protesting against the autocratic ways of Mr. Balu, the campus manager and the floor supervisors and wanted them to be removed from their posts. The student also said that the college had called up their parents and told them that they will be terminated from the college for the protest.

Though the protests were also against regressive rules in the campus that were mainly targeted at girls, there were no girls present at the protest. “Girls are scared to come out and protest, but many of them support us,” a student at the protest claimed.

 Anna University which stepped in after hours of protest has agreed to form a five member committee to investigate into some of the accusations made by students.

Few days ago, one of the students who was rusticated from the college for having arrears in ten subjects, put up a post on Facebook a note about the stringent laws followed in the college. He talked of an incident in which students had to pay a fine of Rs. 5000 for distributing sweets inside a classroom. The notice also states that the students were fined Rs. 500 for having a French-beard, Rs. 1000 fine for playing with a ball inside the room and Rs.10,000 for writing their names on the college hostel.  He also said that the girls and boys are not even allowed to talk outside the campus.

Though the varsity has promised to intervene, students are skeptical that the college may act against them. According to them, around 20 students were given Transfer Certificates in 2010 for leading a similar protest.

Parents of some other students have reportedly got a message from the principal that for the past few days there were some anti-social elements engaged in influencing our students in untoward activities. Principal stated in the message, “We regret that about 30 students were influenced by their false propaganda. We request you to advice your ward not to indulge in such activities.”