Watch: Actor Kasturi Shankar forgets she is on live with Arnab Goswami, eats lunch

The actor was appearing on a debate show at prime time and had apparently forgotten to turn off her video chat.
Watch: Actor Kasturi Shankar forgets she is on live with Arnab Goswami, eats lunch
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Providing some much-needed comic relief during the pandemic, actor Kasturi Shankar was spotted eating lunch on live TV during a prime time debate on Republic TV. The actor, who appeared in a debate on nepotism in the Hindi film industry, was seen eating her food as other panelists and the anchor Arnab Goswami continued to talk. The act prompted Twitter users to compliment the Tamil actress on her ‘confidence’.

However, Kasturi soon clarified on Twitter that she had merely forgotten to turn off her video chat as she waited to speak on the show. The debate was held on Sunday evening on Republic TV. 

“Lol. Nothing to do with confidence.  I spent 60 minutes watching Arnab in hypermode, He wasnt gonna let me talk anyways,  so I left and grabbed lunch.  but forgot to  sign off skype.  Apologies to everyone for the mess up ! No offence or disrespect intended!” (sic) Kasturi tweeted, referring to host Arnab Goswami. 

The actor said she had waited for over an hour and had not been given the chance to speak. 

“i waited 67 minutes without uttering a single word...  so i figured i will leave and get lunch before my shoot resumed. Didnt realise I hadnt signed off skype !” she wrote on Twitter. 

When one Twitter user suggested she partake in an eating contest, Kasturi remarked, “what to do, my break was  only one hour.”

Some others wondered what the actor had for lunch. 

The actress revealed she was eating pongal, the popular rice dish and quipped that it helped one sleep 'regardless of ambient noise'.

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