“Everyone knows who pinches the baby, who rocks the cradle,” said Vaiko in a media statement.

Vaiko alleges scuffle outside Kauvery Hospital stage-managed blames StalinFile photo
news Politics Sunday, December 18, 2016 - 11:17

MDMK Chief Vaiko hit out at the DMK’s MK Stalin, accusing the latter of having stage-managed the scuffle outside Kauvery Hospital on Sunday, when Vaiko attempted to visit DMK supremo M Karunanidhi.

DMK workers in the vicinity of the hospital had stopped Vaiko’s car from proceeding further, calling Vaiko a “traitor” and also throwing a slipper at his car. As a result of the scuffle between Vaiko’s  supporters and DMK supporters, Vaiko finally had to turn back without being able to visit Karunanidhi.

In a media statement issued soon after, Vaiko said that he had called Rajya Sabha MP and Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi at 5pm and asked for permission to visit the ailing leader. “Everyone there knew that I was coming,” he said.

The statement also said that Vaiko was similarly opposed when he went to express his condolences at Ko Si Mani’s death. The situation came under control when the senior DMK functionaries present scolded those present there and calmed them down. It also said that Stalin was the one who cancelled the condolence meeting knowing that Vaiko was coming for it.

“I have been raised by Kalaignar. I have even been to prison with him. Everyone knows how much respect I gave Stalin when he came to my mother’s funeral,” Vaiko added.

He alleged that the disturbance outside the hospital had been planned, and said that no other member of Karunanidhi’s family besides Stalin was aware of it. “Knowing that I was coming to the hospital, 50 people were gathered. Kalaignar’s family members inside the hospital did not know about this. I heard that party leader Stalin expressed regret about the incident. Everyone knows who pinches the baby (to make it cry) and who rocks the cradle (to calm it down).”

Vaiko, who was a DMK member until 1993, has been accused by members of the Dravidian major of engineering the People’s Welfare Alliance to split the anti-incumbency vote for DMK and ensure an AIADMK victory in the Assembly polls held in May this year. 

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