The erstwhile Nawab also said education was crucial to the upliftment of the Muslim community.

Uniform Civil Code cannot be imposed in secular India erstwhile prince of
news Law Friday, October 28, 2016 - 13:51

“In a secular country like India, Uniform Civil Code cannot be imposed. I don’t think it will work,” says erstwhile prince of Arcot Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali. Speaking to TNM, he said India “belongs to all of us” and that all citizens are equal partners under the Constitution of India.

Mohammed Ali’s comments come a day after he cautioned leaders in the Muslim community to not act in haste with regard to the Law Commission’s questionnaire on the Uniform Civil Code. Explaining the reason for urging caution, he observes, “Leaders don’t know what UCC is, I don’t know it is. Even those leaders interested in imposing UCC don’t know what it is. There has been no paper so far. Let us wait and see how it will affect us.”

He pointed out that if a Uniform Civil Code is imposed, it will affect not just the Mulsim community but also others. “If UCC is for all citizens, what happens to the Hindu Undivided Family if UCC is imposed? Muslims and Christians are not enjoying the benefits of Hindu Undivided Family,” he wonders. 

While observing that personal law is different, the Nawab says that the law of the country is supreme.

Weighing in on the triple talaq debate, Mohammed Ali says, “Let the ulema (Muslim scholars) explain word by word what is written about talaq in the Koran.” He pointed out that there is no triple talaq in one go and talaq is declared over three months.

Calling education crucial to the upliftment of the Muslim community, the erstwhile Nawab also says, “Our Muslim community should develop its potential without depending on the government. Only Muslims and Dalits remain backward because of lack of education. Why should they ask for the most backward tag from the government? Muslims are the second largest majority community in India.” 

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